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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Half truth???

Can or should we be completely responsible for half truths?

I feel it can be possible to not feel all at fault for a misjudgement, mistake, misdeed, etc.

If that is the case how can one ever come to terms with these sorts of consequences when our own reactions may have caused harm in return?

Perhaps we just need to evaluate it all?

It can seem to become a blame game though.

We are responsible for everything we do, think, or say...for me it is about where my attention is.

How is a truth a half?

How do you divide it?

Accountability is all we have our "Karma".

You and only you make that call... If another is not in alignment with you that is their view - simple. For they do not have to live in the choices you have made for yourself, it is not their business.

One may argue that some choices affect others...it gets sticky here but they too have the option(s) of how to, and when to act, or not.

Discernment is life... life is full...There are so many ways to "see".

Blame is easy, accountability is not and it takes you OUT in more ways than one...

Looking deep at every situation is very powerful...

Not always what you want to see, or believe but the "truth" cannot be split up but in the end, you followed your heart.

Joy and bliss are the very essence of your being as love is the foundation of your soul.

We all have what we know is our 'truth', and the only thing that we can perhaps maybe share commonality on is that we are all human beings made of love at the core.
A simple answer to a question we all are skilled at making complicated---"what is your truth?"
My truth is my heart...

Surrender everything at the feet of lord.

In my prayers always is," by body, by words, by mind or by sensual organs or by intellect or by soul in a sense, Whatever I have done, due to the characteristics of Nature , All that , I surrender to lord the supreme.

Being in your Moment your own Now-Ness is the greatest state of FREEDOM!!

Our pride and ego is the culprit, learning to observe quietly, personally, and internally is where the heart rules... Wisdom at its finest in quiet contemplation.

I live my life to harm none... in that, I would not commit acts to cause pain in any way- is it in word or deed... Maturity, if I do not have words to life someone up... then I does not have words that need to be said.

In my world - I serve many and what must be expressed can be expressed without harm... deeds - I choose harm none... it’s the way I live and It works for me.
Live in kindness and respect...You do not have to worry or look over your shoulder, Love has your back.

But having said that even so, there are circumstances when harm is completely un-intentional AND un-avoidable.
So many questions when it comes to human frailty!! Just accept we are human and sometimes we have darkness!!

Even if there were two people in the store who saw black hair and one saw red hair, it is still an 'argument of ignorance' as they say.
So I think you could be so right that there are no half truths, just different perspectives, and then it becomes judging another which is ridiculous because we can only truly judge ourselves.