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Friday, August 31, 2012

I am NOT....all I am ;-)

I am not her, 
I have never been she, 
never called the it-girl! 

I am not the Grandmother I resemble, 
nor the aunt that tries to improve me.

I have not been beaten so bad that I haven't gotten back up for seconds.

I have never been so self-absorbed to pass by someone in need.

I have never been rich nor have I been poor... 
for I always have my heart my soul and love.

I have never abandoned a friend or usurped an opportunity that was not mine by rights.

I don't let lies and deceit stand as fact or belief, 
I would rather trust and be a fool than become jaded and hurt a heart.

I don't allow others to be hurt in front of me and let my voice rust in my throat.

I will not jump with the crowd and be part of the flock.

I may not be the one, 
who shines the stars or Hung the Moon, 
but I am who I am and that is enough for me!

Friday 7.50pm