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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


"To those who have ears to hear; let them hear."

God wants and needs nothing.......

The elimination of the human invention of “hell and damnation” gives humanity Free Will that truly is free—as opposed to a form of Free Will that is counterfeit. For Free Will is not “free” at all if any choice other than What God Wants is punishable by horrid and everlasting damnation.

I never understood, or believed in a god that created me in his image, would ever condemn me to hell. If god created everything, why would he create hell, does not make any sense.

Hell is living without God here on Earth.

I feel sad when I see my friends and family living from that horrid fear! They worry so much for my salvation...but all I say is can you just love me for me right now and I will do the same.

A God that would condemn his children to HELL AND DAMNATION is not as good a parent as I am...and I refuse to believe that I am a better parent than God. Thus, there IS NO HELL AND DAMNATION except that which is in our own heads and hearts.

Those who have come up with this 'hell' ideology as a physical destination have developed people to create hell on earth, the image they put into people.

I was one who used to live in fear of making the wrong choice. I thought that for every choice I had there was one perfect choice and if I didn't choose correctly God would be disappointed.
Thinking deeply about the concept of free will made me realize how silly my thoughts had been. With every choice, there are consequences and lessons, and there is also always Grace and Mercy.

Fear is a powerful weapon used by many organizations to control their constituents and keep them from thinking.

Fear is manmade not God made.... man made to control people and it's too bad some follow like sheep. Even as a little girl sitting in Church I knew in my heart the preacher was wrong in saying to FEAR God ...

God is love not fear.
God is merciful not vengeance.

That's the thing about free will - it makes us accountable for our actions. God knows our intentions. Be good for the sake of goodness because we are inherently good.
Not for fear of punishment or hope for a reward. Unfortunately, this is how many people view spirituality and religion- one fear based organization with liberty and justice for some!

This "hell" idea was created to have power over people...Therefore you can discover who promoted it by following who is enjoying its authority generating power.

So much harm and fear has been caused by many organized religions, well-intentioned but misled. Love is the only real Truth.... unconditional forgiveness and gratitude is the way.

Everlasting damnation makes no sense, given that we have been created ignorant, limited, and flawed, and that we are meant to learn, grow, and change.

The God I know and feel is not one of pain and suffering but of pure positive love, anything that is not pure and positive is not of God and that includes this hell that everyone is so afraid of.
If fear is what guides you, you are not being guided by God.

Well, hell does exist, but it is nothing like the place of eternal punishment in Bible or Quran.

People create it and go there after death if they harbor a lot of anger and hate in their life. It is all about learning and evolving in spiritual terms. The good news is no one has to stay there forever.

It's absurd really and more disturbing how many beings buy into the concept. "The fear of God" literally says "The fear of Love", "God will punish you" translates into "Love will punish you".

Love is not capable of instilling fear or doling out punishment. Love did not create hell; it is the absence of love that is hell. Every moment we are not striving to be in a state of love we are in our own form of hell.

Just my 2 cent :-)