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Saturday, May 7, 2011


You cannot undo the past
But you can change the future
To reconnect with  someone
First forgive yourself
You're human, you mess up

Then forgive the other
They're human too

If you do mess up, 'fess up and apologise

Saying sorry goes a long way
Meaning it goes even further

REMEMBER, the sooner you can laugh about it,
the sooner you can laugh about it together

Be Here, NOW

It really is NOW or NEVER. Life is fleeting.
Miss the moment and it’s gone forever
To make the most of life, make the most of every moment.
Forget the past, ignore the future, and be present to the present, NOW!

To be here right NOW,

Look around. Where are you? How do you feel?
Notice your breathing. The sounds all around you.
Your thoughts as they pass.

See the back of your hand.
Look closely.

What can you see that you’ve never seen before?

Be with your hand. Be your hand.
Just be.

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been,
It doesn’t matter where you’re going