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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Find that place within you that's higher.....

I have heard so many theories on the question of whether we are complete on our own, or only complete if we are with another.

Because of all the pressure to be partnered, so many people walk around feeling badly if they are on their own, and many others stay where they don’t belong for fear that they will be seen as a failure outside of relationship.

All of this misses the point.

What is most important is that each of us lives a life that is true to path, whatever that means to us. 

For some, their sacred purpose is inextricably linked to love relationship.

It is there that they excavate and being human their deepest meaning. 

Yet others are called in a different direction and find their purpose in their creative life, in their work, in their individual spiritual practice.

Everyone's soul-scriptures are unique to their own journey. The important thing in life is not whether we find the “one”, but whether we find the path.

I'm most interested in sharing true paths...I walk mine, my husband walks his and we walk side by side on each others, multiple beautiful paths. 

So true, to have compatible spiritual and love connection with a partner, I think is the biggest blessing on earth- hopeless romantic here. 

The beautiful thing is we are LOVE.

So if some choose not to partner in this lifetime that is okay too. 

We are all connected. 
We are one love, we came from we will return to love. 
Love will fill you up!

Love can be a beautiful synergy, as long as we know how to self-love first.

You've got this moment, everything else is uncertain. Hearts connected, just when you least expected.


Monday, April 29, 2013

Thank you, for the great gifts of power - reason and knowledge.

Allow me to quiet my ego this day and instead be filled with Your grace. 

Move me to be more interested in connecting with others in a loving way than to isolate in my defended thoughts, and judgements. 

Let me be in being considerate, kind, and open-hearted with all whom I meet. 
I am blessed and am grateful.  

Grant me the grace to lighten up, forgive the past, and dance with my Spirit today. 

I really need to focus on my heart as I exhale, allow my heart to open and ask Your unseen helpers to step in and help turn my challenge into a victory of the highest good for my soul. 
I am relaxed and expect things to improve. 
So it is.

Our Higher Self connects with us through our heart. 
When the channels are open, we feel a warm, open, light, calming vibration. 
This feeling reverberates throughout our body and into every cell moving your consciousness, directing you above the clouds and to the light.

Sending you my friends a day filled with grace, inner guidance and surprising wonderful gifts, take a breath, close your eyes and feel the unseen and subtle loving forces that surround you.

You have beautiful guides who walk with you through life, quietly assisting you to live your best life now and always.
All my love


Just keep in mind.....

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Allow me this day to refrain from judging myself or others and to take time out during the day for mediation and contemplation. 

For it quiets the mental chatter that constantly rumbles though the brain and frees me to hear the voice of my intuition. 

Open my heart fully and move me into a state of genuine compassion for all humans, knowing those behaviours which cause pain to us or others is a reflection of our loss of connection with our Divine nature. 

Help me embody the capacity to forgive, and help release me from all pain I've experienced or cause now and forever.

In gratitude for all the blessings you have bestowed upon me, I thank you, I thank you, and I thank you.

And so it is.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Just do good for the sake of being good....

I don't do good deeds because I'm promised eternal life in heaven. I do them because I believe in humanity and that what goes around comes around. We only get one life to live, and you choose to fill it with either positivity or negativity. If you care about yourself and others, the reason why you choose positivity becomes obvious.
I think the most logical thing is to help... If you dont find it in yourself to help others then you are not really thinking 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Universe invites you.....

Does it love to announce and reveal the unloving behaviours of others?
Should we never offer an observation, much less a criticism, of those who do things with which we disagree? Yesterday I asked this question, and drew quite a...

There is a 'right' time and a 'wrong' time for everything, I think. 

Not in the sense of being morally Right or Wrong, but simply in the sense of being in harmony with the vibrations of the moment. In that.

The path of transformation is not as easy path to walk. I know, because I have tried. Over and over again, in fact, I have tried. 
For me the issue is not that I have failed to try.

Awareness is not a gift that some have and others cannot attain. Awareness is your birthright and your inheritance. 
You have it now. It is not a question of whether you have it, but of whether you are using it.

Someone in your life right now is hoping, praying, that you will overlook their faults, their foibles, their most recent mistake. -- Will you?

The Universe invites you to say yes!

There is no reason to wait. None, save the reasons that your Mind gives you, none of which are valid, all of which you are just making up.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tomorrow’s battle is won during today’s practice. Samurai Maxim

You never know when you will have to depend on the skills that you have developed during your life journey. 

One thing that you can be sure of is that you cannot wait until you need your humanly skills to start training. It is too late to develop your skills at that point in time.

When your enemy attacks, you can’t call “time out” to stretch and warm up; you had better be prepared. This is why it is so important to take your training seriously. 

It is very easy to become complacent in your training, especially when it seems as if you will never actually need to use your martial arts. 
Don’t let this happen.

We have a duty to be in shape and to be ready for whatever may come. We have always to be ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice.

Train today as if you are going to war tomorrow. 

Remember that whether you decide to practice or not, somewhere out there your enemy is practicing hard, honing one skills, and getting ready for one next victim.

Practice hard. 

Always keep in mind why you should take your training “deadly serious.” You can’t wait until the rains come to fix your roof. 
If you do, you will find you have a lot of leaks and a mess to clean up. 

The same applies to your training. If you are slacking off during today’s practice, you will find that you have a lot of holes in your defence during tomorrow’s battle, and maybe a bloody mess to clean up afterwards.


Monday, April 22, 2013

“Face your troubles and fears. Do not run” said them.

Valid point, but I like running.

I also know that 'worries and troubles' follow me everywhere; I can't escape my own mind. My solution is to build a lifestyle around my movement, and to have a working relationship with my fears. 

 I choose to reframe 'Running from' to 'Journeying towards'. 

In truth we go through multiple tunnels as we raise our awareness. 

These tunnels are what have been referred to as the "dark night of the soul." 

This is what happens when your awareness elevates to the point where you're now out of sync with your current life situation, but you don't see any viable alternatives just yet. 

The alternatives will eventually present themselves if you continue to focus on raising your awareness and allowing the incongruence to exist for a while. 

Keep making baby steps, because little things add up. 

Often it's true that any one instance of an action is almost meaningless, yet at the same time, a sum of those actions is very meaningful.

I can only show you a door – It's your choice. 

There is more than one door, but there is no point waiting for life – life is waiting for you. 

Life moves in waves and so must you. If you have been busy, be quiet for a while. If you have been quiet for a while, try creating, especially those of you who feel rusty in your creations. 

You will not know until you start. 

Adventure is a path. 
This will change you. Nothing will ever again be black-and-white. 

You were born to run free. 


Sunday, April 21, 2013

First become aware, accept and appreciate what is already present. Start there.

Don't sweat the more complex stuff until you've got a grip on the basics. 

If you're not okay with the reflection, you're not okay with the projection. 

Live in the moment, and fully use each moment, you will then accelerate and make room for new things to come in faster and faster, because new things can’t come in until you use up what’s there. 

But if you’re devaluating what’s there, then you are not using what’s there, and if you are not using what’s there, nothing else can come in. 

Because why should anything else come in if you haven’t even used what you've been given. 

Choose, and Be that choice. Your state of being decides what version of reality you will experience. 

For me it would be a combination of my emotional state, beliefs and premises, awareness of the formless and alignment with Source, 
internal stillness/ease, 
outcome independence/non-attachment, 
sense of vision/personal path, 
abundance mindset, 
healthy physiology and 
conscious choices. 

So if I get all these "right", do I have total influence and free will? 

Well, only within the landscape/theme already being played out. 

You can't make big jumps; 
you just shift to a reality that is a fragment closer/more aligned with your state. 

That's why small baby steps, seemingly insignificant, are so worthwhile in all areas of life; consistent choices over time enable a larger shift. 

These are not just fluffy words, and a nice concept. 

Once you practice and find alignment you will eventually receive proof in your experience. 

Being precedes doing; open to just awareness and you will feel a new sense of freedom. 

Perhaps ask: 
What more is present here – that I’m not noticing? 
What other possibilities are there? 
How can I use this? 

Find an alternative viewpoint, it’s there. 

There is much that we can choose to focus upon. 
That focus is an attractive force and will attract its similar. 
As we choose our focus changes and attracts accordingly.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Centre of the Universe is everywhere - Black Elk

It is on every side of you. 
It is inside you. 

The Centre of the Universe is the Creative Source of everything, and this same Power that created everything, is inside you. 
Think of the implications of this statement.

If you have the same Power that created this planet, and everything on it, inside of you, then there should be nothing that you can't accomplish. 

All you have to do is learn to communicate with this Power and start to integrate this Force in your life. 

If your life is not what you want it to be, just realize that you have the Power to change it inside of you. 

Maybe it is time to tap into that Power.


Friday, April 19, 2013

"Nothing can stop one with the right mental attitude from achieving one's goal; nothing on earth can help one with the wrong mental attitude....."

Your attitude makes more difference than you can image.

It plays a vital role in whether or not you achieve your goals. This may sound odd, but it is true, and science backs up this statement.

Scientists have now proven that our thoughts are much more powerful than we ever thought they were.

When you consistently focus your thoughts on something, you are actually attracting people, events, and situations into your life that help you achieve whatever your mind is focused on. 

I know, this sounds a little like mystical mumbo-jumbo, but it isn't; it is the science of energy, or as we call it in the martial arts world chi or ki.

When you learn to control and focus your thoughts and attitude, you are setting yourself up for success; when you don't control your thoughts and attitude, you are taking two steps forward and one step back. It is hard to achieve your goals when you do that.

Now, re-read Jefferson's quote and replace the word "attitude" with the word "thoughts." 

With what science has now proven, this makes a lot of sense. 

We must learn to control our mind! 

When you control your mind, you are on the path to controlling your chi or ki, and when you learn to control your energy, a whole new world will open up to you - be ready.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Steel the mind. Soften the heart. Satisfy the soul.

Take charge...

You opened your eyes for the first time in this physical world and the shock of the NEW environment caused you to breathe and cry. 

You knew at that moment who you were and needed to embrace the world that surrounded you. 
The first love you received was what brought the first peace to you. 

You recognized the feeling and fell asleep holding on to that love and knew you had arrived.

As you grew, you had within you burning desires and those desires led you to various experiences, 

experiences you needed to provide the contrast for all the choices you were to make.

You made so many choices and as you stand there now you wonder to yourself, 

“How did I mess everything up so much?”

WE are here to tell you that you did not mess up anything. 

You are perfect and everything is perfect. 
All the choices you made represent who you are. 
Had you not made the choices you did, you would not be who you are now.

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high;
Where knowledge is free;
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls;
Where words come out from the depth of truth;Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection;
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit;
Where the mind is led forward by thee into ever-widening thought and action.....

Into that heaven of freedom, let our life prosper!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I do not ask you to think like me, but ONLY to think if you dare!

Be loyal to the truth, not to old, unproductive opinions. 

Even if the truth is totally opposite of what you have always held as being true, you have to be willing to evolve when you find that your thinking was wrong.

It does you no good to be a slave to your old, worn out opinions or what others have told you is true. 

Spend time meditating and in deep thought. 

Study to Universal truths for yourself. 

Think for yourself. 

And, accept nothing unless it resonates with your spirit. 

Your spirit will never guide you wrong.

You are not a dumb being, you know what’s right and you know what’s wrong... and you have to try as hard as you can to follow that.

And I’m going to be the first to tell you that that there’s time I haven’t and there’s time that I made my mistakes...but certainly in the larger question in life and how to approached what is wrong or right, you got to choose. 

There is a part of me in everything I do; I only have myself to work from, and my perceptions put on that always. 


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart.....


The answer is to live your life to the fullest, leaving nothing undone. 

You must live your life full throttle. 

Live with gusto. 
Be adventurous and experience what life has to offer. 
Really experience life and at the same time, do it all with a sense of honour and character.

If you aren’t living according to your code of honour, then you will sense that you are not living life as you should.

 This is when the fear of death starts to enter your heart. 

When you know that you aren’t living according to the standards that you have set for yourself, you know that you aren’t prepared to meet death.

The one who knows that they have lived up to their code of honour and has done the very best that they could do, has few regrets and little fear of death. 

They knows that their affairs are in order; spiritually, mentally, and physically. They have lived life as it should be lived. 

Knowing that they have done their best in every endeavour, they have no regrets and therefore is satisfied with their life. 

This doesn’t mean that they welcomes death, but only that they are as prepared for death as possible.


"You do not really know your friends from your enemies until the ice breaks."

This is why Baltasar Gracian taught that you should, 
“Trust in today’s friends as if they might be tomorrow’s enemies.” 

Many years before Gracian’s time, the Vikings wrote this same admonition, 
“A man must be watchful and wary as well, and fearful of trusting a friend.” 

Not everyone takes the sacred brotherhood/sisterhood of friendship as serious as the we does, so it is wise to be careful when it comes to trusting others.

The wisest path to take is to never trust someone with enough information to hurt you. 

At least not unless there is a very good reason to do so, you have known them for years, and they have proven to be a true friend through the storms of life. 

Even then it is wise to be careful concerning what you share. It is always best to keep some things private.

Strive to make sure that your true friends are being of character, honour, and integrity. 

It is someone’s character that truly matters when it comes to friendship. Look at what is inside someone when you are thinking of befriending him or her.

Lieh Tzu put it wonderfully saying, 
“Ordinary people are friendly to those who are outwardly similar to them. The wise are friendly with those who are inwardly similar to them.” 

Think about this.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Everything real comes through the heart....

It is amazing to me how God set this all up.
The heart, I mean is the FIRST organ that formed. 

When it is truly opened, everything secondary falls away- egoism glory, fame and fortune, substitute gratifications. 

The heart doesn't care about such things. 

It doesn't hold it against you if you don't own your own home, achieve your goals, and have a perfect body. 

No matter our seeming differences, we are all the same when the heart gate opens. 

When our heart centre is balanced and open, we actually establish an energetic resonance with other, entering into a common vibration. 

When are on the same energetic wavelength as others, we communicate on a higher level than we allow. 

We enter into an energetic rapport that is based on complete understanding and acceptance of each other.

Practice being present with an open heart and see how the energy shifts....  

Love is the great equalizer.


Inner Guidance comes in a gentle stream of impulses, nudges, "ah ha's" and bright ideas. That's why it is so important to pay attention to your heart. It's the place where the whisper of guidance is felt.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

More Things To Think About:

Stand your ground.

Objectivity gives you emotional distance; which makes you feel safe.

You can't control your feelings but you can control your behaviour.

You already know the answer.

How did things get this far?

When you're too close to something,you can't see it for what it is.It takes distance to see it.

Be careful and be mindful of the way you lean for one day you just might fall that way.

Failure is a result,not a cause.

Without words you say it all.

Is the truth really the truth unless it can be proven?

A lit porch may attract moths but darkness attracts all sorts of critters.

You can't take it back but you can move forward.

Be the classier person;walk away for if you wrestle with the pig you will get muddy;pigs really like that.

You can't use the past to fill in what's missing in the present.

Fool's gold comes in many forms.

To hate someone is to give them power.

To talk about someone gives them power.

Sometimes when you reach out to someone they retreat.

It takes two to create an emotional bond but only one to break it.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is to stand back;let things play out no matter how hard that may be.

Don't be too offended by someone who is openly rude to you because they may be that way for the nicest of reasons.

Sometimes it is for the best to keep your mouth shut.

People tend to run away from what they don't understand.

If you want to see the future,learn from the past.

Why do we always chase the ones that run away?

You can't move on till you figure out what happened.

Sometimes you have to lose something in order to see the value of it.

He who does not understand your silence will never understand your words.

You cannot live with regret.I know all too well it is true.

Never forget what a man says to you while he is angry.

Friendship cannot exist between a man and a woman.There is passion,love and worship but NEVER love.

Nothing comes from nothing.

Being drunk does not change who you are-it reveals it.

The ties that bind us eventually become the things we despise the most.

To love is to be on fire ,to burn.

When you have emotions you make mistakes.

You just can't keep wanting something that you know you cannot have.

Don't promise tomorrow when you can't buy back yesterday.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Peace AND Quiet, it's not just a quiet within.
It subtly radiates and envelopes me, very much like an aura.

Take the time to be quiet today. 

Intuition is subtle and often cannot be felt over the noise and chaos of the world. Give yourself the gift of quietly being with the love and light of your beautiful spirit.

So much happens in the quiet within, where all the momentum happens... on that blank canvas. 

Awakening and answers occur when I allow myself to be quiet long enough, not allowing outside voices or perceptions get in the way. 

Experiencing something fresh and in the moment's truth so much unfolding happens.

All one needs to do to get past the verbiage is sit quietly alone long enough to experience their own inner majesty.

You do not have to wait for wisdom to befall you in order to know what move to make now. The wisdom, the insight, the answer you have been waiting for is waiting for you. It is already inside of you.

This poem by, Winifred Emma May, for the energy and power found in such quiet!

"If you stand very still in the heart of a wood
you will hear many wonderful things-
the snap of a twig, the wind in the trees,
and the whirr of invisible wings."

"If you stand very still in the turmoil of life
and wait for the voice from within-
you'll be led down the quiet ways of wisdom and peace
in a mad world of chaos and din."

"If you stand very still and you hold to your faith
you will get all the help that you ask.
You will draw from the silence the things you need
-hope and courage, and strength for you task."

I call it divine guidance.


Friday, April 12, 2013

Self-discipline is the cornerstone of any endeavour.....

It does not matter what the endeavour is that you aspire to, without self-discipline it will most likely not be successful. 

Self-discipline is the cornerstone of any successful endeavour, whether it is obtaining a good education or perfecting our skills.

It requires a lot of self-discipline to make yourself get up and workout when all you feel like doing is vagging out on the couch in front of the television and staring mindlessly at that colourful box. 

Without self-discipline, that is probably what you would do.

Self-discipline is especially important for us. 

It takes effort to live the lifestyle of what we wanted. 

There is a constant battle raging in the soul, at least until we has established our code of honour securely in our spirit. 

One is constantly tempted to set one standards aside and deal with some jerk who just insulted one's life in a more direct, physical way, but resists this temptation time and time again. 

This takes self-discipline, sometimes a lot of self-discipline!

The trick is to continue to discipline yourself until these temptations do not cross your mind when you are dealing with these kinds of people. 

When you no longer need to discipline yourself in order to walk away from some obnoxious jerk, you know that the lifestyle has become ingrained in your spirit. 

You naturally do what is right and what is best, and can smile about how the “old” you would have loved to smash this guy’s face. 

With continuous self-discipline, you will reach this point.

When our heart centre is balanced and open, we actually establish an energetic resonance with other, entering into a common vibration. 

When are on the same energetic wavelength as others, we communicate on a higher level than we allow. We enter into an energetic rapport that is based on complete understanding and acceptance of each other.

 Practice being present with an open heart and see how the energy shifts.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Everybody who lives dies. But not everybody who dies has lived.

There will always be another reason to put off living and enjoying your life in the present – no money, a big project, etc. 
This list could go on and on. 

You must live while you are living. 

You can still take care of all the menial things that we all have in our lives, while at the same time, living your life to the fullest. 

Living is living. 

You don’t have to compartmentalize your life. 
It is okay to enjoy your life and take time to smell the roses, even while you are struggling to make your way in this world.

Shinso stated, “No matter what road I travel, I am going home.” 

Don’t take everything so seriously that it subtracts from your enjoyment of living your life. 

Although you can’t control the sands of time, you do control how you live your life while those grains of sand are flowing through the hour glass. 

Accepting the fact that the days of your life are numbered shouldn’t take away from your excitement or enjoyment of life; this is not why the warrior meditates on his death.

Meditating on death is merely a way to keep you focused on living life to the fullest. 

If you think about the fact that you do not have all the time in the world and that you are getting older every day, you will be more motivated to live your life now, instead of putting off living until later. 

If there are things that you want to do during your lifetime, do them now. 

Don’t put off living until sometime in the future.


Whoa whoa whoa life is good!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Friends to me..

We are social beings and friendship is an incredibly important part of our lives. 

"Give me friends or give me death".

 A life without friendship is terrible and lonely.

Appreciating friends is something we must always make time for. 

In today's competitive world it is easy to get caught up in our careers or our latest project. It is important to keep a sense of perspective.

You may meet a person and instantly know that you will be best friends forever. Other friendships develop over an extended period of time. 

In some friendships you may feel a sense of equality, while in others there may be a clear sense that one is giving more to the friendship then the other. 

There are no rules about how a friendship has to be. If you are able to share your life with another human being, by all means go right ahead. 

All friendships are unique and special in their own way. 

Each one is valuable.

Some friends are so perfect for us that they are put into the category of angels. We know that they could only have been seen by God. 

I have the greatest friend on earth, we have certain jokes that no one would understand but he and I together we share our life story.

Sometimes we forget to tell the people that we love most how precious they are, but it's never too late.

One plus one equals two you see but somehow it's different with me and him. 

You know my dreams and my every thought No stronger bond could ever be sought.

Today, say "yes" to all your heart asks for, "yes" to all your inner yearnings, and "yes" to releasing attachments that keep you from living in the full integrity of your authentic Spirit today. Yes. Yes. Yes!!!