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Sunday, April 21, 2013

First become aware, accept and appreciate what is already present. Start there.

Don't sweat the more complex stuff until you've got a grip on the basics. 

If you're not okay with the reflection, you're not okay with the projection. 

Live in the moment, and fully use each moment, you will then accelerate and make room for new things to come in faster and faster, because new things can’t come in until you use up what’s there. 

But if you’re devaluating what’s there, then you are not using what’s there, and if you are not using what’s there, nothing else can come in. 

Because why should anything else come in if you haven’t even used what you've been given. 

Choose, and Be that choice. Your state of being decides what version of reality you will experience. 

For me it would be a combination of my emotional state, beliefs and premises, awareness of the formless and alignment with Source, 
internal stillness/ease, 
outcome independence/non-attachment, 
sense of vision/personal path, 
abundance mindset, 
healthy physiology and 
conscious choices. 

So if I get all these "right", do I have total influence and free will? 

Well, only within the landscape/theme already being played out. 

You can't make big jumps; 
you just shift to a reality that is a fragment closer/more aligned with your state. 

That's why small baby steps, seemingly insignificant, are so worthwhile in all areas of life; consistent choices over time enable a larger shift. 

These are not just fluffy words, and a nice concept. 

Once you practice and find alignment you will eventually receive proof in your experience. 

Being precedes doing; open to just awareness and you will feel a new sense of freedom. 

Perhaps ask: 
What more is present here – that I’m not noticing? 
What other possibilities are there? 
How can I use this? 

Find an alternative viewpoint, it’s there. 

There is much that we can choose to focus upon. 
That focus is an attractive force and will attract its similar. 
As we choose our focus changes and attracts accordingly.