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Thursday, July 27, 2017

However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. • Stephen Hawking

We all have a million things we are not good at. Some things we do better than average and a precious few we both love and excel in doing.
That’s your sweet spot.
If having to make the choice between improving my weaknesses or doubling down on my unique strengths, I will in most cases go full-in on my strengths.
You might be considering someone close to you and think “not sure about this one, because Mr. Annoying or Miss Clueless should really improve other aspects of their personality or skill set”.
And you’re right, there is no simple black & white answer.
I would just suggest today to consider my approach, because your lesser qualities will always be there. No one really cares or notices if you have become 7% better at this or that.
People will however notice and value what you consistently are good at.
Excellent performance, be it in social dynamics, a job or interest, your own habits and behaviors, painting or parenting – will provide you leverage and with leverage your weaknesses become more irrelevant.
While being self-aware and kind, try a more fuck this-attitude and go for your Magic Sauce.

Because your Magic Sauce is what makes you... You.

There is always something to be grateful for in your days.
When you adopt an attitude of Gratitude it's easier to see things clearly and realise that we don't have such a bad life. 

Remember there are millions of people who would love your life.

love light and peace

Thursday, January 12, 2017

We are constantly falling into the trap of "how" the world wants us to be, rather than how we really should be. 
Thinking, searching, seeking and pondering seems to be a right we give to others while we easily fall into their dictation. 
We are dictated the right colour that is accepted, a certain dress code that is accepted, a certain way of life that is accepted, everything except the real us. 
Most of us live our lives worrying what the other person might think of us. I am among the fair few who choose to be what I am, no matter what the opposition, usually become outcasts. 
The problem is not with those who choose to conform to the truth; the problem is with the society itself. 

I am a rebel a woman speaking against rules set by the real MAD men from the dark ages!

What should be our own journey, by losing focus we lose ourselves following others through their journey, trying to live their life because we find our own lives inadequate, therefore to capture their lifestyle; we lose purpose as well as direction of our journey.
To capture the lifestyle we lose the Life we were given. I am living mine the way I want to according to me and me alone!

Love light and peace

Monday, March 21, 2016

Plunge into it...let life have you.

Even in the midst  of broken hearts and  new beginning love knows no limits, no bounds, no endings.
There is so much beauty here  on this strange planet.
Let the current life take you....

Love light and peace

Sunday, February 28, 2016


The only thing that matters is to realize that there is only one true love, and that is the love for oneself, through loving and knowing oneself we obtain from the capacity to love and know others.
We don't need to seek others to make ourselves whole.
But if we become whole through self love, and understanding we attract like minded people and everything will fall into place.
We all have a Choice.
That is the only thing we need to understand.
Hardship and struggle doesn’t equal personal growth or a better life nor does choosing an 'easy path' whatever that means equal a shallow life or waste of a life.

If the choice we make is based on a conscious decision, based on our sub-conscious awareness then that the path we walk, that the path that makes us happy.
Life is actually very simple, we need to listen to our subconscious, our emotions, for they are telling us what we like or do not like, unclouded and without the rationalisation and justification interference of our brain.

The most important thing of all:
If you wish to increase happiness, do not aim to increase possessions; simply decrease your desires for possessions.
Love and a happy life is the only thing that fulfill us.

There is no such thing as destiny, only the destiny we create! We are not a drop in the ocean; we are the entire ocean in a drop.

love light and peace

Day 63

Friday, February 26, 2016

This is my present reality, on my knees at the altar of emptiness and not knowing....

Dare to allow yourself to be seen.
Dare to tell the truth.
Dare to stop pretending.
Dare to stay present to the secret fire that burns inside.
Dare to be wildly inconsistent.
Dare to let another in.
Dare to let go of the image.
Dare to never be prepared.
Dare to give everything
for the awakening of love
Dare to fail.
Dare to mess everything up.
Dare to fall to the ground,
humbled again, laughing.
Dare to dream and let dreams die.
Dare to honour the past but not cling to it.
Dare to give an honest Yes and an honest No.
Dare to be wrong.
Dare to be right.
Dare to be real.
Dare to be here.


love light and peace

Day 60

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Somehow I am always held....

Bow to each breath.
Prostrate yourself before every feeling.
Worship at the altar of every tingly bodily sensation.
Savour every sound, feel the perfection in every perception.
You are alive, and your aliveness is the world!
Nothing is personal here, so everything is a gift!

In my short time on this planet, I have known great sorrow, plunged into the depths of oceanic despair, been thrown so deeply into my loneliness that I thought I would never return. 
I have tasted the ecstatic joys of meditation, the fierce intimacy of love, the savage pains of heartbreak, the excitement of unexpected success and the blows of sudden failure. 
There were times when I thought I’d never make it, times when my dreams had been shattered so thoroughly I couldn’t imagine how life could ever go on. 
Yet it went on, and sometimes I found humility within the devastation, and out of the ashes of imagined futures often grew new and present joys, and no experience was ever wasted.
I have come to trust life completely, 
trust even the times when I forget how to trust at all, 
trust that life doesn’t always go according to plan, because there is no plan, only life, and even the times of great uncertainty hold supreme intelligence, and sometimes you have to fall to stand more fearlessly, with greater kindness.
And somehow I am always held, in a way I cannot explain and do not want to. I may be crushed yet again before too long, I may experience further seemingly insurmountable challenges and heartbreaks, but somehow I am always held.

Somehow I am always held.

love light and peace