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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Never compromise your integrity!!! NEVER!!!!!

My code of honour has tenets that I am not willing to part with or break, that a set of standards which I live by. 
My code of honour is an absolute in my life. 

Adapting to the circumstances doesn’t mean that I situational ethics. It doesn’t mean that I picks and chooses when to live by and when not to. , there is a time to take action and there is a time to wait. 

There is a time to speak up and a time to stay silent. 

We must be wise enough to adapt not live by absolutes such as never allowing someone to shove us without severe consequences. 

Certain situations may call to swallow our pride and walk away from an insult, instead of responding to it in a more direct manner, in order to accomplish our objective. 

Know our objective in each situation and adapt ourselves as needed to accomplish our objective without compromising our honour or code of ethics. 

Adapting yourself to the circumstances doesn't mean lowering yourself to the circumstance.


The wise man adapts himself to the circumstances - Confucius

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I say that that act of grieving is one of those moments in life when it is necessary to take a pause … to adjust the pace of your life and make small and cautious moves as you explore new territory.

Moving through your grief requires one to go on an introspective journey.

In this silent and reflective mode, you learn to listen and hear what your mind/body/soul needs and want.

In general for any sort of loss, when life strips away your life as you knew it, what you can rediscover at the bare core of your existence is that life is about love and being loved … and the rest is simply details.

However long it takes us to find that place,
however long it takes us to put one foot in front of the other again,
however long it takes to smile, to love life again, is simply how long it takes.

There is no right answer.

Think about how much you love your most cherished people.

While that love may have appeared instantaneously in some cases, over time it grew and grew until it was so big that there became no separation too vast, no amount of time too great, in order to reverse it.

We grieve until we don’t any more, but we love forever.

Grief is a topic that I have processed in my personal life and in my nursing work at the Home

People under estimate the amount of time it takes someone to grieve.

We must each move at our own pace and if necessary seek out a qualified professional if the grief becomes overwhelming.

Mindfulness practice has taught me to embrace and not push away feelings of loss and grief but rather to be with them, without judgement but with self-compassion.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters, who never did, and who always will. 
The greatest challenge in life is to find someone who knows all your flaws, differences, and mistakes, and yet still sees the best in you. 
I'm attempting to be more observant, more conscious of non-judgemental discernment - and my own intuition. 
A useful distinction is to ask if we are being triggered by the other person's actions or qualities.
If it's conscious discernment, we won't be triggered, merely informed.
You shall not find peace by avoiding life. 

Guide me this day to be a source of humour, lightness, ease, and grace in the presence of everyone I meet. 
Allow me the clarity to remember that bringing love is the most important goal I can aspire to this day. 
Let this love begin with your Love flowing through me, and radiating outward in all directions. 
In this I am grateful. 

"Always to look life in the face, always to look life in the face, to know it for what it is, to love it for what it is and then to put it away."

So it is

Love light and peace


Monday, February 25, 2013

Take a moment and do what I call a "vibe check."

Scan your body and notice the energy you are experiencing.

If you notice any tension, ask yourself ,
"What is this about?"
"Who is this about?"
"What is my intuition trying to tell me about this energy?"

Breathe, take your time, and answer out loud...

“Doing this will help me dial into my intuition and inner guidance very quickly?

Then, be present to your higher awareness and honour what you feel.
Trust your vibes and act on it.

My reality has gone from being STUCK to having a ZEST for life, to a full out ADVENTUROUS CREATION of ‘What’s next?

Being You, Changing the World.

When you open up your world to a different possibility,
one that may give you more freedom to know what you know,
it can feel like you are going against everything in your past and everything those around you have told you is real, necessary and true...
In doing so, hopefully you will find more of what is true for you.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

I love you and I wish you enough.....

I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright.
I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun more.
I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive.
I wish you enough pain so that the smallest joys in life appear much bigger.
I wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting.
I wish you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess.
I wish you enough hellos to get you through the final good-bye.

They say it takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them and an entire life to forget them.

Life is 10% of what happens to you, and 90% of how you respond to it.

Close your eyes for a moment and think about the love that makes you sigh.  I not only find it in the arms of my loved ones, but in the caress of a sunset, the kiss of the moonlight and the gentle brush of cool air on a hot day.  

They are the sighs of God.

May you hear many throughout this day and every day!

Be Blessed Of Divine Light.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Luck is the residual of design – Branch Ricky

There’s so much LUCK in this, I often heard.

So tell me … are you feeling lucky?  

You can build a “lucky mindset” that either works for you or against you.   

Whether you think the world conspires with you or against you, you’re right. 

Your views on luck can dramatically influence your success. For example, if you think that success is out your control, then there’s no point in trying too hard.  

On the other hand, if you think you can influence success through the right actions and the right mindsets, you’ll work at improving your success.

Sometimes it really is about being in the right place at the right time or the wrong place at the wrong time.

When it comes to personal performance, it’s not luck, its deliberate practice, but never to mistaken dumb luck for extreme skill.

Make your own luck! 

Personally, I like the advice from a friend long ago.  He said, "Luck is when skill and opportunity come together."  

What I’ve found is that many things that look like luck at first blush really are part of a system.  

That said, of course, I know some things are unknowable.  In those cases, I focus on calculated risk.


Friday, February 22, 2013

What are you pretending is not true for you, that actually are true for you, which if you would acknowledge it would change everything for you?

For anyone  is struggling to find clarify in their path,

to find a way to meet their economic needs while honouring their sacred purpose,

who is looking to integrate their emotional life with their spiritual path,
who is seeking to befriend confusion, adventure into new ways of being, feel supported on their quest for wholeness, go deeper!

The deeper you go, the more you grow. We really don't have a choice if we want to live fully. Down into the heart cave where the buried treasure lies, awaiting its moment of liberation.


Let’s not throw the entire ego out with the bath water. I’m not talking about the unbridled ego, the narcissistic ego, the imbalanced ego.

I’m talking about the strong self-concept, the boundaries sense of self, the healthy ego that helps us to manage reality and honour our purpose.

Without a strong sense of self, we don’t have the solidity to sustain the journey.
Without a solid core, our forays into unity come crashing back to earth.
Solid me, solid we

YES!! We are wired for ego for very good reasons having to do with navigating life on Earth.
Just can't let it drive the bus!
*__^ you cannot drop what you do not have...the ego needs to be ripe to drop off, we can go with it but aware not to be totally identified with it.
I think we can use the ego to live, to survive - but basing any actions coming from the ego on love.

It is amazing how certain soul connections can deepen our experience of the moment, even in their seeming absence.
The energy of the connection opens doors where before there were none, portals to the great within and the great beyond.
I appreciate the great waves of unity consciousness that can emerge when alone with God, but somehow imagine that the ultimate experience of wholeness comes through connection- love as gateway, love as a reflection of all that is possible. It’s as though certain connections paint pictures of possibility in the sky, expanding our lens for all eternity.

We bury it because we have to.
We are too young and it is too much to feel. But we forget that we are stronger now.
We can handle the unearthing, the revealing, and the healing.
And we have to so that we can live fully integrated lives.

Everything wants to come up for air.

By breathing it back to life, we come back to life.

Fullness of feeling,
Free to live again.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Way to go Willow Waddell!!!!

You feel your way through healing...not think your way through healing.

Real presence comes through the open heart. You cannot heal and resolve your emotional material with your mind. Your emotional material does not evaporate because you watch it. You can only heal your heart with your heart.

I appreciate the value of looking at the question of whether my judgements about another are a reflection of parts of me that I don’t like and that I want to deny. 
Sometimes they are. 

At the same time, let’s not throw reality out with the bath water. 

Sometimes our judgements are actually reflections of a conscious discernment process- we dislike certain qualities, actions, and an absence of integrity- for legitimate reasons. 

The “mirror defence” your reaction to another is merely a reflection back to you was likely invented by gurus who wanted to get away with inappropriate behaviour. 
There is a meaningful difference between unconscious judgements and conscious discernment.

A useful distinction is to ask if we are being triggered by the other person's actions or qualities. If it's conscious discernment, we won't be triggered, merely informed.

It depends on whether are casting judgement on particular behaviours, on on the totality of another individual. 

I find it quite reasonable to assert that a particular behaviour is destructive and harmful. Often, however, people totally write off the person who engages in that behaviour with a blanket judgement:
"all she ever cares about is she",
"he's just a rotten person",
"and she’s a total narcissist".

I find that such blanket judgements are never accurate. The essence of a human being can never be summed up in such a simplistic manner. 
Such judgements also by their very nature impose a false sense of separation and superiority which is ultimately an illusion since we are one.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. 

We need to pay attention and look within ourselves with humility but sometimes the judgements we feel reflect what our values are not just our faults.

Conscious discernment comes with compassion and no necessity to act on it unless it's a gross injustice? 

Yet, that can also be an excuse for many reasons.
The important thing is to look at our judgements and really get under them and understand them. 

Some are based on our own crap even though they seem reasonable and are excuses to avoid growth and intimacy. 
And no matter how you cut it, they could me a mountain of unknown suffering underneath the habits or qualities you are seeing in another that need deep compassion and understanding. 

This is what makes the difference between a conscious way of being and staying unconscious in many ways. 

To see with our hearts what we cannot possibly see with our minds, knowing that some people are sent to challenge us in this way, to love them anyway. 

And some are sent so we can choose to say NO.

The difference between discernment and judgement it’s a fine line to determine.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

And sometimes that armour/blanket is called "denial"...

Our survival adaptations are so tough, but our wounds are so delicate.

To heal, we have to lift the armour carefully- it saved our lives, after all. 

It’s like moving your best friend off to the side of the path. 

You don’t trample on her; you don’t hit her with a sledgehammer. 

You honour her presence like a warm blanket that has kept you safe and sound during wintry times. 

And then, when the moment is right, you get inside and stitch your wounds with the thread of love, slowly and surely, not rushing to completion, nurturing as you weave, tender and true. 

The healing process has a heart of its own, moving at its own delicate pace. We are such wondrous weavers...

It is one way of appreciating how even, or perhaps especially, when we are at our weakest we truly are courageous enough, wise enough to create such armour. 

Rather than berating ourselves for having created a defence system, 
perhaps we can honour the courage of that moment, and 
compliment it with another courageous moment of awareness and 
gentle release of the armour to the extent we are capable of in this moment.

At the end of the day it boils down to the fact that the only thing you take with you when you die is your human experience, the following came to mind. 

Life is the creative expression of the soul


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sometimes, when the machinations of the unhealthy self-concept and the distractions of the day fall away,
I find myself overcome, overwhelmed, and thoroughly flooded with love- for this bloody birth, for this courageous humanity, for this perpetual breath.

I find myself brought right down to my knees, tearfully prayerful before this dance of sacred imagination.

I find myself looking through a lens that transcends and includes my localized meanderings, one that sees through the veils to the wonder of this sweet birth.

May gratitude soften the blows and lift us beyond the tight places.

May we all realize how beautiful this life is before our eyes close on this incarnation?


Monday, February 18, 2013

Never do anything against conscience even if state demands it. Albert Einstein

The person of integrity can be trusted to do what is right because he answers first and foremost to his conscience. 
He does not look to others to justify his actions. 
He makes his decisions according to the firm, but not rigid, principles by which he lives. 
It is this dedication to his principles that enables him to live a life of excellence and which sets him above the common man.

Without personal integrity, it would be impossible to truly live. 

You will find that the lifestyle is not a passive lifestyle. It takes dedication and hard work. It takes self-discipline and perseverance. 
There will be many times when it would be easier for you to relax your standards and let some of your principles slide, times when no one would know but yourself.

The only thing that will keep you on track during times like that is your personal integrity and dedication to the principles that you have made a firm decision to live by on your journey to live. 

Thomas Jefferson explained how he dealt with such situations stating, “Whenever you are to do a thing, though it can never be known but to yourself, ask yourself how you would act were all the world looking at you, and act accordingly.”

Living with integrity has to be a 24/7 process, even when you are alone. 

To do right only when others are watching or listening, and live another way when you are alone, is merely being hypocritical. 

The intelligent person does not need the promise of Heaven to see the merit in good deeds.

Which do you think is more pure and more noble, doing a good deed in search of recognition and reward, or doing a good deed from your desire to truly help someone? 

There is virtue in sincerity. 

When you give of your time or money to help someone else, do it out of the goodness of your heart, not to position yourself for some selfish reason.

Give in order to help people, to help other beings, and to make our world a better place, not for personal gain. While there is nothing wrong with personal gain, there is a time and a place for everything.

Whatever you do, do it with a sincere heart and the correct attitude. 

The energy you send out will come back to you.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

If people could just come together to understand each other this could be understood and judgements could be released.

Anger isn't nice. It is a mask for bitter pain because of the fear to be open.
When and why did a human society of the people species decide that this is a bad thing to simply admit pain?
For fear of weakness for fear of not being good enough?

Well of course a person being a person is good enough, admitting the pain and just relieving it in a healthy manner so it actually will then be exited from self completely or as much as humanly possible, instead of it being suppressed.

There is nothing to fear of being open. In order to be open a person must be positive within their very own heart.

Just as passive aggressiveness causes suffering, so does passive non-aggressiveness. Passive aggression
Hurts those who fall victim to its misdirected arrows.

Passive non-aggressiveness wounds those who bottle up their expression- their anger congealing into a cache of weapons that explode internally.

The healthier approach is to learn how to express anger healthily and in a timely manner, so that it do not turn outward and harm innocents,and so that it would not turn inward and cause disease.

Because of all the horrible things that humans have done in anger, anger has been given a bad name. 

But it is a legitimate emotion that signals that someone has been violated.

It’s time we raised healthy anger back to the rafters of acceptability, and worked together to clarify a way of expressing it that both holds everyone safe AND allows us to honour its inherent wisdom.
Not abusing self or other, but seeing the feelings all the way through to the healing and lessons they contain.

Aggressiveness is a distorted form of life force... we need to learn to give it back its inherent qualities by using it timely and wisely.

It is a tricky one, that ego is under the surface brooding, bad ego wants revenge wants them to feel the pain they caused us, very challenging not to Respond in this way as it is NATURAL. 

But we are SUPERNATURAL, so we should not / do not let the animal ego dominate our actions and feelings not let bad ego out of the cage.

The only way is to KILL that ego that wants to repay/hurt because of a hurt, if that is the motivation it is challenging since it is often buried almost in our subconscious mind and appears at the worst times when it sees or feels "opening" to repay.


To pacify or control an opponent without fighting is the greatest of skills. It takes a lot of discipline and confidence to swallow our pride in order to pacify some rude, aggressive, bitter person who you would rather lay out on the floor. 
But, as a warrior that I am, it is one of those things which I have to discipline to do and did it.
"Perfection is attained by slow a degree which requires the hand of time."

Namaste *__^

Saturday, February 16, 2013

CHOOSE to live!!

We bury it because we have to. 
We are too young and it is too much to feel. 
But we forget that we are stronger now. 
We can handle the unearthing, the revealing, and the healing. 
And we have to so that we can live fully integrated lives. 

Everything has to come up for air. 
By breathing it back to life, we come back to life, 
Fullness of feeling, free to live again. 
It is SO challenging. 

It boils beneath the armour we built to survive. Before it can safely surface, defences must be gently dismantled. 

Otherwise, it's explosive. 
Let the unearthing begin! You can handle whatever comes up! You can! 

Face the lack of love, abandonment, abuse, neglect, betrayal now feel the pain don’t bury it under years of refusing to look hard and long at it in a dark night of Soul, 

Rather try being brutally honest with yourself and your feeling, look too see what is buried within, and what you find when you dare face it. 

But this time, it’s not with the mind of a child, but a wise adult, knowing whatever that darkness was that tried to form an image of you, in your soul as a child - 
be it from friends,
even from a neglectful fallen human parent - MOM or DAD, 

If you are free in God, you realize you are not bad, and that image formed in you, is and was not and is NOT THE REAL YOU, but rather a dark force that hated you before you were born... working through fallen beings, it is a force not within but without you, it is outside of you.

You ARE stronger now... Now is the time. To unearth, examine, own and be accountable for, embrace and transmute. And BE FREE.

I look people in the eye again and through their eyes into their soul and through their soul I recognize my soul! 
And the beauty is that I see it happening a split second before it actually happens and I act upon it, fearlessly and conscious of the fact that it is happening! 

Now that is freedom, which is life which comes barging in at full strength!

We are in our own power now, we get to CHOOSE! 

No one to blame, no one to point fingers at. We are divine beings having a human experience, we made the choices that led us directly to THIS PLACE, and if we don't like it there are different choices to be MADE!

You’re either in, or you’re out. 

Sometimes it’s that simple. No more stories, no more sidestepping, escape hatches, veiled retreats. You’re either in, or you’re out. 

Peace  Love and light!!!!


Friday, February 15, 2013

My precious best friend is my brain!

We fall down, we get up. We get up, we fall down. 

We either see our stumbles as examples of our own victim, we are being abused by the universe or as opportunities for self-creation embracing life’s challenges as essential lessons from the Godself within. 

The gift of falling down there’s gold in them there spills. 

Stumbling toward ecstasy we made it through because we are needed here. 

We are each here to uncover and honour profound reasons for being. 
We are each here as part of the sacred dance, stepping on each other’s toes and turning each other toward God, one clumsy step after another. 

Although the ultimate romance is with your own soul, it is our experiences together that give birth to the essential lessons. 

Every sacred purpose is a buried treasure, essential to the advancement of the collective soul. 

If we get off the dance floor, we postpone others’ lessons too. as one who has in recent years travelled back to find out who some of my souls past have been, may I say the lessons become more clear, the desire to reach more heightened. 

I once thought, as an adoptee, my blood line would answer my early deeply felt questions and when I was gifted the story of my birthright, I was left with an awareness that it was SO much more. 

Thanks for keeping the rhetoric flowing, allowing others to know it is all sacred, gifted from birth, a reason we are here no doubt, each individual with a different purpose, but most definitely, purpose, a journey of many realms to travel and seek...self and its connections to life. 

The beauty of the repetition of the pattern is that the configuration has changed . 

With the tool we now have at our disposal to see the pattern and using the tool of configuration to change the pattern that we slipped right back into.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pathways into the Journey of One Soul

I ask for the guidance to deepen my awareness with all of Life that is set down before me. 

I ask for clarity so I may become my deepest desire. 

There is a radiant beam of light that reveals a reverent smile upon my face. 

A glorious fragrance fills my senses expanding through every cell of my body. The colours that nature brings out are amplified in the presence of the sights that are set out before me. 

A dance begins before me showing me the dazzling displays of the Universe. A spectacular of wondrous movement places my heart amongst the stars. 

The beat from the rhythm of the Universe tenderly embraces my heart. 

I am lead to a place of enchantment and seductiveness. 

I surrender to the rhythm that is swaying me to the vibrations flowing from the harmony found in the passageway of my heart. 

Love pours out from my heart into the Universe for all to take of the essence to expand the life that lives in all of us. 
The openness to my life I feel right now fills me with a unparalleled peace. 

I am what I say I am.
I let go of everything that does not hold me to the highest energies of the Divine that arises to form all of Life.

With each breath I will acknowledge the Love that lives in all of us as one.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

And what about hearing?

When you are able to listen deeply to another, you are hearing the overtones of intention, the undertones of emotion, and the melody of their souls. 

You are hearing the universe in miniature.

Deep listening is an art that can be learned. One begins by attending to familiar sounds-wind, rain, the purring of a cat, the sounds of dinner being made, the pouring of liquid into a glass, the sound of the heating system or air conditioner. 

You begin to realize that you are hearing not only with your ears, but also with the bones of your skull. Soon it seems that your entire body is listening. 

A sharp sound startles your flesh. A lovely melody relaxes and smooths your body. 

If you would like to try a fascinating experiment, listen to your favourite music as if you are the instrument and the music is playing you. 

You will understand the words of T.S. Eliot in "The Dry Salvages," when he writes of
Music heard so deeply

That it is not heard at all, but you are the music

While the music lasts.

It is a beautiful experience to be truly listened to. It is a gift also to truly listen to another. This was one of the most powerful things I learnt during my coaching learning how to really listen and be there for the person.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Staying quiet doesn't mean I have nothing to say, it means I don't think you are ready to hear my thoughts yet.

It is a mistake to assume that the quiet person has nothing to say or is not following the conversation.

Most of the time, it is the quiet person is who giving the conversation the most thought, but is simply much more careful about when and where she shares her thoughts.

It is not always wise to share your thoughts on every subject or with everybody.

We should all take some wisdom from the quiet person and think deeply about what we share, when we share it, and who we share it with.

Not everyone is ready to hear your thoughts, or even capable of processing your thoughts.

Be selective when it comes to sharing your inner most thoughts on certain subjects.

Think before you talk!

I need to practice the fine art of being 'quiet'.

Unfortunately, I was blessed with the gift of gab and LOVE to share my gift.

I suffer with this "know when".

I get excited talking about what I feel and think, but most people are not interested in this they rather be comfortably numb instead.


Monday, February 11, 2013

More than a person...but a force of nature!

What does it take to conquer oneself?
To not give in to base urges or even instincts?
To not allow oneself to be influenced by the actions or words of others?
To not give in to fear or anger or jealousy?

These are all part of conquering oneself.

But another aspect is to not give into your own limitations. 

To continue forward past pain most cannot comprehend.
To take control of ones life, direction and purpose.
To strive to be more than what you've been taught to be or expect.
To conquer yourself you must conquer all that makes you a limited being.
To free yourself, your thoughts, your mind and your spirit.
To expect and demand more from yourself than you do of others.
To fail and try again until you succeed.
To face yourself as you are and work to be more than you can be.

Conquering yourself does not mean surrendering yourself. 

It means to defeat all which is negative about yourself and extol that which makes you unique and in so becoming what you never thought you could be.

More than a person...but a force of nature!


Sunday, February 10, 2013

New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings. Lao Tzu

Even though it is hard to do, trust that the Universe has your best interest in mind for you, no matter what is happening around you. 

What looks like a disaster to you, may actually lead to the best thing that has ever happened to you.

You can't see the future, so you just don't know. 

For this reason, it is best for you to stay positive through whatever hardship you may be challenged with at the time. No one knows what blessing may enter your life when the storm is over. 

Stay positive.

True strength often rises at our weakest point.

NEVER give up! 

Things can change in the blink of an eye. When things look completely hopeless, many times something unexpected happens that totally changes everything, and the tide turns in your favour.

Have the courage to fight to the very end, no matter what you are doing. 

NEVER give up - never lay down. 

Never refuse to quit, as long as they have a single breath left in them.

If you are going through challenges, get over it. 

Everyone in this life has their own personal struggles. 

Cowboy Up! 

Don't cower down to any man or any problem! 

Get fired up and get your second wind! Buck up - Nobody Rides for Free!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Focus on your one purpose.

No matter what you are doing, you should focus on your one purpose; put all your attention into whatever you are doing at this very moment. 
Whether you are practicing your martial arts, studying wisdom from the masters, or gardening, focus on that one thing. 
There are so many things that vie for your attention today that it is very easy to get side tracked. 

It takes discipline to maintain your focus.

There are a multitude of activities that are interesting and good to know something about, but you should always try to have one thing in which you are best. 

Find your purpose in life. Don’t try to be a jack-of-all-trades. 
Find your one purpose and do your best to perfect that one thing, no matter what that may be.

For the warrior, his/her purpose is perfecting the skills that s/he needs to be a warrior. S/He realizes that being a warrior is the purpose in life. 

There are many different skills that s/he has to develop in the process of becoming the best warrior that s/he can be, but overall his/her main purpose is warriorship.

Don’t try to learn everything about every technique, in every different style of living arts. 

You should know a little about the different styles, but make sure you are proficient in your style before learning others. 
Concentrate and focus. 
Concentrated energy is much more powerful than energy which is dispersed in different directions. 
If you want to achieve perfection, focus on your one purpose.

 You may have many activities/enjoyments in life; but the one that activates the highest potential should became top priority.

The mantra of "multi-tasking" is highly oversold...no man can chase two rabbits at once and expect to have rabbit stew for supper


I am a warrior! *__^

Friday, February 8, 2013


Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.

Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. MY mind is my magic wand; I must just learn how to move it because that’s the only thing that will save me.

Today, I give thanks for the miracles about to arise, making magic from thought to thought, from deed to done, beginning to end, when the day is gently let go.

We can never fully understand or describe the miracle of creation — but we can set it in motion, and then sit back and watch it operate....

When we pray we set in motion ever-mysterious forces that are beyond our conscious mind.

Over and over, we have to remember to reset our course. When we do that, we will arrive at our destination.

Miracles will follow miracles and wonders will never cease because all my expectations are for good.

This is what I wish for you —
To live in a land where your soul sings
And your heart knows as home
It may or not be the land of your parents
But it's the land you love more than any other place
On this precious sparkling planet
It's the land that opens your heart,
The vistas, the air, the light that heals you
And makes you rejoice in being alive.

Our task is to discover our unique contribution to the world and let it shine for the entire world to see.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

A source of unending power....

My favourite tools for staying awake in life are meditation for development of a quiet mind; 
psychological inquiry for the unveiling of a fearless heart; 
and prayer for the cultivation of faith. 

These tools are like shovels we can use to dig for the gifts buried in the jumble of our lives. 

But perhaps the most profound of all the tools we have at our disposal is the simple act of telling our stories to other human travellers
—in a circle around the fire, at the back fence with a neighbour, or 
at a kitchen table with family and friends. 

Since the beginning of history we have gathered together, talking and crying, laughing and praising, trying to make sense of the puzzling nature of our lives. 

By sharing our most human traits, we begin to feel less odd, less lonely, and less pessimistic. 

And to our surprise, at the core of each story
—each personal myth
—we uncover a splendid treasure, a source of unending power and sweetness: 
The shining soul of each wayfarer.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Make the world within beautiful and peaceful and the world without will express and manifest that reality.

If there is a person in your life that keeps acting out in the same ways over and over again, it is your decision how you will choose to interact with.

You do not need to judge in how they are acting. You simply decide how you will be. 

If a person is acting in such a way that is repeatedly offensive to you why allow the action of another to affect our well being. 
It is their act, not ours. 
Love that person for who they are, and do not judge for what they do. 

So be honest in your own actions, and know that it is simply you getting clear with what you choose to have in your life.

We are good at living our life from the perceptions of what another may have said to us, but it does not hold true within our hearts. 
It is time to drop the ideas we have been carrying of what another may have said about us allowing Love to guide us in our way.

The road may appear that we are all alone on our journey, but you can rest assure we are never alone in our path.

The Presence of Life is always with us.

I sit here with so many thoughts floating through my mind. I am not paying too much attention to the thoughts because I know what they are capable of. 

So, I just let them go where they please without any conflict. 

As I sit here I know I am resting with the Grace of God feeling the blessings of Life with my every breath. I love these moments as I experience the endless demonstrations of God’s Love for me. 

Within my Sacred Heart my love grows and expands as I continuously surrender my will to God’s. 

I give my loving thanks for all I am and have shared in God’s Love just for me.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It is in the silence you begin to hear the most...

.......that inner voice that you need to hear and listen ALWAYS.

In my own time, and in my own way, I am creating a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Sometimes life can force us to make a full stop -- stop all the talking, stop all the doing, just stop. 

When you stop, you are forced to listen closely, to pay attention and to really hear what's going on around you.

I believe the simple act of caring -- for ourselves and for others -- can transform our lives and change the world. It can melt the hardest of hearts and knock down the tallest of walls.

It has certainly done that for me.

It’s amazing what happens when you just stop and listen, 
- you can hear your own heart beat, 
- you can hear your own inner voice guiding the way and 
- you can hear your family and friends and feel their true love and genuine concern.

Listening, like caring, can transform our lives.

Today, pretend for five minutes that you can't talk and just practice listening. You might be transformed by what you hear.

Share your story, report your life:
Has life ever presented you with an opportunity to stop and listen?
What did you learn from listening?


Monday, February 4, 2013

Something bigger IS calling us to change.

The great loneliness—like the loneliness a caterpillar endures, when she wraps herself in a silky shroud, and begins the long transformation from chrysalis to butterfly.

It seems that we too must go through such a time of great loneliness, when life as we have known it is over—when being a caterpillar feels somehow false, and yet, we don’t know who we are supposed to become. 

All we know is that something bigger is calling us to change. 

And though we must make the journey alone, and even if suffering is our only companion, soon enough we will become a butterfly, soon enough we will taste the rapture of being alive.

Conscious of it or not, we each have a deep inner “migratory force” or drive within us which wants to move us toward wholeness and full actualization of our potential. 

Another way of talking about this inner drive is the experience of “entelechy”, a Greek word meaning the dynamic purpose that drives us toward realizing our essential self.

Barbara Max Hubbard states in her book Emergence:
“Our entelechy is the oak pressing against the acorn to become a mighty tree. It is the power of the delicate green shoot breaking through the frozen ground in Spring. It is the butterfly silently self-organizing while hidden in the disintegrating caterpillar.” 

Jean Houston says: 
“it is the entelechy of an acorn to be an oak tree. It is the entelechy of a popcorn kernel to be a fully popped entity. And it is the entelechy of a human being to be God knows what!”.

Similarly, poet/writer David Whyte (Crossing the Unknown Sea – Work as a Pilgrimage of identity) speaks of a "migratory force".
He says:: 
“Our work is to make ourselves visible in the world. This is the soul’s individual journey, and the soul would much rather fail at its own life than succeed at someone else’s. We go through most workdays forgetting that this grand migratory force exists within us.” 

I passionately believe that we humans do have within ourselves a “grand migratory force” or as Ken Wilber writes in A Brief History of Everything,
his synthesis of spiritual and scientific thought,
“Evolution always transcends and includes, incorporates and goes beyond.”

Wilber uses the evolutionary concept of
“transcend and include”
to refer to the personal and societal movement toward wholeness.

Yes, something bigger IS calling us to change.


Sunday, February 3, 2013

What is moral?

When faced with a scenario or set of choices how do we know what is moral?

It’s about to get deep, real deep.

There might even be some grotesque over- analysed of thought patterns and over detailed wording of ideas like “broad vs. specific behaviour of humans”.

I think one of the best ways to hit this topic right is to scope through some examples and bring up moral dilemmas, in doing so we can peruse the dynamics of the human beings decision making apparatus.
So let’s figure out what is moral.

One major attribute we must keep looking for is justification. This basically amounts to the “why” of a situation.
Then we need to analyse the context of the actions and scenario. The reason why these things matter is because of several human qualities, human drive for self fulfilment, ability to suffer, and the combination of the two.

Human beings always possess a drive and an ability to suffer; because of these two qualities we have morals.
These two qualities are in a constant struggle both within the human and externally between humans.

Morals come into the picture when we place our self fulfilment above the suffering of others.

If you begin analyzing a multitude of situations you will find that selfishness for one’s own fulfilment is the root of moral problems.

In order to improve yourself and become a better person you would have to critically analyse your own thoughts and figure out if yourself fulfilment dramatically caused suffering in another. 
Now we have to be able to understand suffering in others which leads us to an interesting human attribute, empathy.

Empathy is the ability to understand existence from another person’s perspective. This takes a super deep understanding of you. 
This segues into understanding others if you apply what you have learned about yourself toward others. 

When we are empathetic we can feel others joys and sorrows. 
When we can understand and feel others we can then figure out where our self fulfilment should be and where not to overextend it.

We have to work at increasing our own analytical skills and self-reflection to help us determine what is moral.
No moral system, no dogma, no one person is going to create a system to improve things and lay down what is moral and what is not.

The world is just too complex and there are too many scenarios. What can help is individual empowerment of the mind.

This is why logical and critical thinking so much because it teaches the individual to step out and test their own mind and the minds of others.

With logic and critical thinking a human being can better find truth and assess complex situations to better find morality.

Finding morality is your responsibility and yours alone on an individual level, yet it is all of our responsibility to find it individually and then educate ourselves such that we can express what we have learned to others.

An individual burden on every shoulder, truly then on the shoulders of all humanity.


“To love. 
To be loved. 
To never forget your own insignificance. 
To never get used to the unspeakable violence and the vulgar disparity of life around you. 
To seek joy in the saddest places. 
To pursue beauty to its lair. 
To never simplify what is complicated or complicate what is simple. 
To respect strength, never power. Above all, to watch. 
To try and understand. 
To never look away. 
And never, never to forget.” 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Take a challenge or concern you have, not earthshaking.

Fact Finding - visualize it with everything you know about it. Watch to see who or what is involved and when, where, how and why it is happening. Let the pictures flow through your mind.

Problem-Finding - now daydream a scenario as to how you like the situation to look. If you could wave a magic wand and alter it any way- how would you imagine it.

Idea-finding - change some details of the picture as it currently is to more what like your daydream portrayed. Change the original picture a bit at time--magnifying some parts, minifying others- rearranging parts.

Solution-finding, live in it and see how you feel in it. Jump into the skins of other involved and see how they react.

Acceptance - finding. Keeping all those reactions in mind, see what you would do to make it more workable.

Piece together the best image of yourself dealing effectively with the original challenge or concern.

Try for as much detail as you can.

Then make notes of the plan and put it up on the wall showing its stages of development. If you wish, make a timetable of the plan.

Remember what Michelangelo said while examining a piece of marble:
"there is an angel imprisoned in it and I must set it free."

In a similar way we can say,
"There is a solution frozen up in our minds, and we must melt it down and let it flow out."

What you think you can do, or dream you can, begin it!
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.