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Thursday, February 7, 2013

A source of unending power....

My favourite tools for staying awake in life are meditation for development of a quiet mind; 
psychological inquiry for the unveiling of a fearless heart; 
and prayer for the cultivation of faith. 

These tools are like shovels we can use to dig for the gifts buried in the jumble of our lives. 

But perhaps the most profound of all the tools we have at our disposal is the simple act of telling our stories to other human travellers
—in a circle around the fire, at the back fence with a neighbour, or 
at a kitchen table with family and friends. 

Since the beginning of history we have gathered together, talking and crying, laughing and praising, trying to make sense of the puzzling nature of our lives. 

By sharing our most human traits, we begin to feel less odd, less lonely, and less pessimistic. 

And to our surprise, at the core of each story
—each personal myth
—we uncover a splendid treasure, a source of unending power and sweetness: 
The shining soul of each wayfarer.