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Friday, February 15, 2013

My precious best friend is my brain!

We fall down, we get up. We get up, we fall down. 

We either see our stumbles as examples of our own victim, we are being abused by the universe or as opportunities for self-creation embracing life’s challenges as essential lessons from the Godself within. 

The gift of falling down there’s gold in them there spills. 

Stumbling toward ecstasy we made it through because we are needed here. 

We are each here to uncover and honour profound reasons for being. 
We are each here as part of the sacred dance, stepping on each other’s toes and turning each other toward God, one clumsy step after another. 

Although the ultimate romance is with your own soul, it is our experiences together that give birth to the essential lessons. 

Every sacred purpose is a buried treasure, essential to the advancement of the collective soul. 

If we get off the dance floor, we postpone others’ lessons too. as one who has in recent years travelled back to find out who some of my souls past have been, may I say the lessons become more clear, the desire to reach more heightened. 

I once thought, as an adoptee, my blood line would answer my early deeply felt questions and when I was gifted the story of my birthright, I was left with an awareness that it was SO much more. 

Thanks for keeping the rhetoric flowing, allowing others to know it is all sacred, gifted from birth, a reason we are here no doubt, each individual with a different purpose, but most definitely, purpose, a journey of many realms to travel and seek...self and its connections to life. 

The beauty of the repetition of the pattern is that the configuration has changed . 

With the tool we now have at our disposal to see the pattern and using the tool of configuration to change the pattern that we slipped right back into.