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Monday, February 25, 2013

Take a moment and do what I call a "vibe check."

Scan your body and notice the energy you are experiencing.

If you notice any tension, ask yourself ,
"What is this about?"
"Who is this about?"
"What is my intuition trying to tell me about this energy?"

Breathe, take your time, and answer out loud...

“Doing this will help me dial into my intuition and inner guidance very quickly?

Then, be present to your higher awareness and honour what you feel.
Trust your vibes and act on it.

My reality has gone from being STUCK to having a ZEST for life, to a full out ADVENTUROUS CREATION of ‘What’s next?

Being You, Changing the World.

When you open up your world to a different possibility,
one that may give you more freedom to know what you know,
it can feel like you are going against everything in your past and everything those around you have told you is real, necessary and true...
In doing so, hopefully you will find more of what is true for you.