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Friday, February 22, 2013

What are you pretending is not true for you, that actually are true for you, which if you would acknowledge it would change everything for you?

For anyone  is struggling to find clarify in their path,

to find a way to meet their economic needs while honouring their sacred purpose,

who is looking to integrate their emotional life with their spiritual path,
who is seeking to befriend confusion, adventure into new ways of being, feel supported on their quest for wholeness, go deeper!

The deeper you go, the more you grow. We really don't have a choice if we want to live fully. Down into the heart cave where the buried treasure lies, awaiting its moment of liberation.


Let’s not throw the entire ego out with the bath water. I’m not talking about the unbridled ego, the narcissistic ego, the imbalanced ego.

I’m talking about the strong self-concept, the boundaries sense of self, the healthy ego that helps us to manage reality and honour our purpose.

Without a strong sense of self, we don’t have the solidity to sustain the journey.
Without a solid core, our forays into unity come crashing back to earth.
Solid me, solid we

YES!! We are wired for ego for very good reasons having to do with navigating life on Earth.
Just can't let it drive the bus!
*__^ you cannot drop what you do not have...the ego needs to be ripe to drop off, we can go with it but aware not to be totally identified with it.
I think we can use the ego to live, to survive - but basing any actions coming from the ego on love.

It is amazing how certain soul connections can deepen our experience of the moment, even in their seeming absence.
The energy of the connection opens doors where before there were none, portals to the great within and the great beyond.
I appreciate the great waves of unity consciousness that can emerge when alone with God, but somehow imagine that the ultimate experience of wholeness comes through connection- love as gateway, love as a reflection of all that is possible. It’s as though certain connections paint pictures of possibility in the sky, expanding our lens for all eternity.

We bury it because we have to.
We are too young and it is too much to feel. But we forget that we are stronger now.
We can handle the unearthing, the revealing, and the healing.
And we have to so that we can live fully integrated lives.

Everything wants to come up for air.

By breathing it back to life, we come back to life.

Fullness of feeling,
Free to live again.