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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I can no longer see you with my eyes touch you with my hands but I will feel you in my heart FOREVER...

My Mum
3/6/1938 - 29/12/2015

Indeed she was....
Thank you mum

Everybody is looking forward to the new year but for me I wish I was back in Malaysia in May and restart from there. 
I wish for nothing more than just one more day for I would give it all, just to hear you... If you could just come back, if only for one day I'll make sure that I'd listen to all you had to say... 
And if I could do it over, I'd only change one thing, I'd tell you again and again that I love you... 
No one will ever know quite how I feel inside, with all my heart and soul I love you mummy and will miss you beyond forever.. 
This wound it hurts so bad...I can no longer see you with my eyes touch you with my hands but I will feel you in my heart FOREVER... 
Today you’re not where you were, but you will always be in my heart. God rest you in peace, our dear mummy. xox

love light and peace

Thursday, December 24, 2015

So weep, laugh, do something crazy, forget your troubles; you have been given another day; you are already victorious!

Another day to live is the best gift. 
Celebrate the day!

Let today be the day you giggled more, laughed more, wept more, fell to your knees more in gratitude and in silliness and saw the preciousness in the passing of things. 
For when you become like the little children you will enter the kingdom of heaven, and the kingdom is already here, friends, disguised as an ordinary year, an ordinary day, an ordinary moment, waiting for your eyes to open wide to its abundant treasures.

Sometimes we fall apart, and sometimes in the midst of falling apart, we remember more clearly where our feet are rooted.  
Held by gravity; always falling, yet somehow always supported. Sometimes we are brought to our knees, and we remember our knees, and nothing has happened from the perspective of the ground, save for the birdsong and the first light of dawn.

I thought of you after despair paid a visit.....this is what it gave me........in this dream
you are in this wild water
and you are so scared and you struggle more then you have ever
had to struggle
you try to scream for help, even though you know no one hears you
you are still asleep and the moment comes when you know
oh wow....it’s a dream
without thinking you know
there is peace in both the struggle and the drowning

What a peaceful way to experience life.

love light and peace

Saturday, December 19, 2015

May we lose the stories that don't serve, and build upon those that reflect our true value.

With your feet on the ground,
your thoughts soar into untold possibilities.
Planted firmly in the present moment,
you explore the farthest reaches of time,
only to return to the breath.
You are a marvel, and a paradox:
rooted in presence, you imagine histories
and dream of fantastical and frightening tomorrows.
Your breath rises and falls;
the rising and the falling as One.
Know how precious you are,
feel your tremendous worth,
and take the next step.
Know yourself,
and move courageously

into the Unknown.

love light and peace

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Judging or observation?

Look for your DEVIL in yourself, NOT in others. 

It is not for you to judge the journey of another's Soul. It is for you to decide who you are, not who another has been, or has failed to be.

I like seeing people act with integrity and unselfishly, not focused on greed at the expense of others. Nobody gets away with anything. 
Sometimes people think they're being slick by maligning or slandering another, for example, and they think they're getting away with something
I too sometimes fall into this trap. I'm no better or worse than anyone. I strive for righteousness and do my best. 
I'm quick to correct my faults if I notice any and would never intentionally wrong another.

Often we make "observations" not necessarily judgments. A person playing with fire increases their chances of being burned its inevitable, not a judgment just an observation.

For every action there is an equal opposite reaction, it is just the nature of things. Sowing bad seeds, yields a bad unproductive harvest...under nourished. 
Sowing good seeds upon good fertile ground yields an abundant harvest. Here again, just an observation.

Now for the individuals that choose to sow bad seeds...when they could have spent that very same time sowing good seeds...again their harvest will be their own. We all will reap what we have sown. Not a judgment, just an observation. 
That’s my humble opinion.

 "....we should open our minds and hearts to new information, ideas and points of view and be willing to change our paradigms when it becomes clear that they're wrong." Remember this???

love light and peace

Saturday, December 12, 2015

If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to you as it is, infinite....

Life doesn’t always go our way but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Much of life is like art…it is in the eye of the beholder.
What one person sees as a tragedy another might see as an opportunity.

Changing your perception of life is easier said than done, but then again, so is everything. It is much easier saying I want to write this article than it actually is to write it. But if even one person feels better after reading this, it was completely worth the time and effort.
Being alive!

You have a roof over your head. This is something I try to remind myself of on a daily basis. That statistic gave me a new appreciation for sleeping in my bed.

You’re working to improve yourself. There are no limits, only plateaus. Perhaps you feel like you’re stuck on a plateau, but just being conscious of that fact is HUGE. It means you know a change needs to happen.
You dream big. The world you see today was created by dreamers.
Before reality takes hold the process of imagination and dreaming must take place. Some of the greatest minds in the world came up with their best ideas through dreaming.

Forgiveness is one of life’s most important lessons. Those that can learn to forgive tend to live in more peace, and it is important to remember that forgiving yourself is just as important.
You are forgiving.
Holding onto anger, resentment and hurt only gives you tense muscles, a headache and a sore jaw from clenching your teeth.
Forgiveness gives you back the laughter and the lightness in your life.

Few things are more beautiful in life than having friends, family, or a significant other that loves you. Never take these relationships for granted and always take a moment to thank these people for being in your life. You are love
You don’t need much in your wardrobe. I only have enough clothes to fit in one suitcase, but I also don’t allow myself to get sucked into the world of fashion. Be happy you have sufficient clothing for your life. You have cloths
You have clean water.

783 million people do not have access to clean water and almost 2.5 billion do not have access to adequate sanitation think about that for a moment. Let it sink in. If you have clean water you are very fortunate.

Staying genuine in a society surrounded by false advertising is difficult. If you know who you are, what you want in life and refuse to sell part of yourself for monetary gain is thankful. Some have no idea who they are even with all the money in the world.
Truly great experiences come to those who stay open to possibilities. Being able to experience life in another country is eye opening and will benefit you far into the future.

Travel see the world

love light and peace

Friday, December 11, 2015

I believe in the eternal soul. Being religious disqualifies you from being a person...

My question is when did you come to realize that you believe OR don’t believe in god?
No one is born with belief it is due to indoctrination; babies are born neutral and as I said it is not a choice not a conscious choice.

I didn’t make a choice to be a human being.
I didn’t make a choice to be born or being a female for that matter.

If I did I did not remember. Children do not have the capabilities of thinking beyond themselves until about the age of four. There is no God or spirituality to them. They literally do not have the developmental ability to process it.
Every newborn baby knows nothing about gods, nationality, racism, homophobia, misogyny or which football club to belong to until they are told what to believe or follow.
Children will emulate the adults around them.

By default when we are born we have no beliefs. A God would be one of those things we have no belief in. Granted it is not an atheist by thought, but in the simplest of terms. Until someone mentions a God, describes it, and presents it as something existing, the baby will have no belief in a God; if nobody ever mentioned this God, or presents the concept.

If we look at Piaget’s theory of moral development, children do begin moral development until the age of 4. Between 4-7, children begin to display heteronymous morality. The think justice and rules as unchangeable properties in the world, removed from the control of people.
From 7-10, they begin moral reasoning. Once they hit 10, they start to show autonomous morality. This is the age where they realize rules and laws are created by people. Also, they understand judgment and consequences. 
Babies/infants and toddlers literally cannot understand morality, let alone morality in a religious sense.

I know I was born not believing was mildly indoctrinated in my early years, questioned to myself the validity of religion belief in around high school, concluded there was no religion by the time I was 20-ish. I really hate labels, so I made a personal conclusion and my "Faith" is with me and believe that there is a higher power than me you might call God or IT or Universe that did not requires following any religious faith.
All I have to do to is to get educated and learn to think critically.

Belief is an option whether to believe Bunkum or you need to belong to a herd that blindly follows some leader.
If belief were a conscious choice, you could easily choose to believe anything I tell you now, no matter how crazy and really believe it, but you would not be able to.
You would realize, you really did not believe.

My goal is truth. That's it. And it seems simple, but it's not. Explaining truth can be confusing to those who are indoctrinated to think in a certain way.
But what tools do you use to determine the truth?
How much do critical thinking skills apply?

I do my best to bypass my emotions and opinions, even forgoing anecdotal experience in favour of hard facts and reality.
And I admit when I'm wrong, because learning is more important than being right.
However, we seem to live in a world where it is important to have an opinion, but that's it. It doesn't matter if it's based in fact.
We are a species that are run by emotions, and they have a pesky way of clouding our perspective.

Why do I need to be a theist or an atheist other than just be a human being?

Each of these two groups is best showing how the other is wrong of which I realize their intention is to confuse.
Unfortunately, we can’t deny the fact we all are humans.
As for being a theist or an atheist, it is a CHOICE.
The two groups are indirectly looking for FOLLOWERS and I am not here to follow any groups, esp. those that don’t look eye to eye.
Maybe I was born ahead of my time...

Theist is someone who believes in gods.
A - Theist is anyone who is NOT a Theist.
It is a very simple definition.

Atheist is NOT a word made up to collectively describe a group of people who once knew of a god and then just decided to be contradictory and rejected that belief.

A - Theism is just NOT being a Theist for whatever reason whether you are too young to know about gods or whether you have logically applied reason and reached the personal conclusion that gods are just a man med concept that have no bearing in the real world.
We're all humans we tend to like to categorize things, including ourselves theism/atheism is one kind of categorization. Sometimes, it's useful and meaningful, other times it's not. But we all do it. Heck, even categorizing ourselves as 'human' sets us apart from other life.
Shouldn’t we just then say, 'we're all life? Let’s get along!'

It is about opening a room for learning new things. Not making an absolute decision, but seeing that all things relate to one another. I’m pretty certain there is a LOT of life out there, and very likely a good number of intelligent, technological beings, some even very far ahead of us.

But that said, I very much doubt any of them, except in rare cases where they emerged nearby each other in both space and time, ever cross each other's paths. The realities of interstellar space travel are pretty stiff obstacles, and I would bet few, if ANY at all, ever work out how to overcome. That, plus the other uncertainties involved that can affect a planet and its biosphere will also have a significant impact in diminishing those numbers.

I’ve been learning all my life about everything I can lay my hands on, and I long ago understand that wishful thinking is a huge barrier to understanding the world as it really is and not as I’d like it to be.

200 years ago we didn't know what we know now, and we know some pretty important and fundamental stuff, you should look into it.
It tells us why some things are impossible, some unlikely, and explains a lot of things we know definitively. It also outlines the boundaries of the things we don't know, and in many cases why we don't 'know' them -- yet -- and where they probably fit in relation to what we do know. Don’t base hopes on our ignorance -- that's exactly what religion does.

Truth of the matter is none of us know our true origins. I personally don't believe intimate objects magically create life.
So life must have always existed.
It is certainly one of the most interesting topics to read about. I believe the Earth as well as the Universe is living beings.

Atheism/atheist and theism/theist are descriptors in relation to belief in god or gods, and NOTHING more. Atheists have no belief in god, theists do.
The reasons for atheists not having a belief in god can vary widely, and atheism says NOTHING about their other beliefs except that they don't include god.
The beliefs of theists can vary widely, and what ties them together is a belief in god.
Nothing more, nothing less.
That’s it.
Get it? Got it? Good.
Now, let's move on.

love light and peace

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Free yourself from the trap of compulsive thinking and find your life's purpose.

I've never liked the term bucket list. For me that sounds like a list of things to 'tick off'; a get-off-the-bus-get-on-the-bus kind of view of travelling.  I prefer to make choices to live my life including the experiences I want to have, so travel becomes my lifestyle.

Don't let short-term pleasures seduce your focus from your long-term Purpose. When they begin to recur it's the perfect recipe to get short sighted and lose our clarity. DECIDE to follow through your purpose and stay the course no matter what obstacles is thrown your way for what it's worth!

love light and peace

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

( •_•)
\( (>
/ \ We aren't guaranteed a tomorrow.
So can we meet here,
beyond our story of time, 
beyond our plans and prayers,
beyond all hope of a future salvation, and discover what is true and present NOW? 

If tomorrow never comes, and it may or may not, can THIS be enough?
Do we really need time to be fully what we are?
The death of seeking is the death of time, and we could call it 'love'. Time is the guarantee of promise and hope.....
Where there is none.
There are no promises or sentiments of hope in the here and now.
Do we need to be anything other than exactly as we are? Nothing like in the photos, it’s so ordinary, so nothing and yet so interesting.
Intimate like a wood fire, or chocolate or good red wine.
What magic ... and life ... is about.

love light and peace

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A longing for something other, a merger, a fusion – obliteration sitting still, being uncomfortable, seeing the ordinary.

I hope to live in a world where people put their faith in understanding science, the lack of fictitious Gods, and a world where kindness and respect for one another and for all the creatures on this planet, is paramount. 

This is just a pipe dream that I doubt will ever come to fruition. 

World leaders can certainly help to bring about this change but they are too narrow minded and focused on their own greed to accomplish this. 
You can't be a revolutionist if you belong to a political party.

I believe that the winds of time and chance happen to us all,,, but the universal changes that you are calling for, there are many of us calling for but what we the people are not being informed of is the sacrifice and the debt to pay in order to birth and produce these changes, it's much like having children, it's a full life transformation that requires your ALL investment

The revolution really needs to be a reformation ...-and resolution and repentance in order to produce permanent LIFE outcomes, and not the religious whoredom that prostitutes the true and genuine love and light. This alone must be our guide and hope eternal...

When suffering under the addiction to thinking, clarity and the occasional free space of mind is relief.
When we think, we are going to make mistakes. 
The flow of thought it isn't always right and we can jump on any words and form words ourselves. 
Defending or agreeing. 

We often feel something if words don't agree with our words. Battle. To harmonise we must rise above thought not below to the level of animal. Left or right, up or down, sometimes a smile, sometimes a frown, both are faces of same coin

Where there's humans there will be corruption, and where there's a need for control there will be no real freedom. 
'True freedom cannot be offered from above it must be taken from below'. 

Nothing will change unless we make changes to THE WAY we are governed and do business...

love light and peace

Monday, December 7, 2015

Pure love is to be found within. Love seems to be a notion so little understand yet everybody seeks and nobody is willing to be ruled by...

Everyone talks of perfect love.  
Seriously does it need to be perfect?  
When intentions are good and felt with love it is RIGHT!

Love is not perfect and good thing it isn't, but two people can be perfect for each other because they accept and embrace each other’s imperfections. That is the truest love, loving 100% of a person no matter of religion or race or personal beliefs. 
Imperfectly perfect love.

The best opportunity for perfect love is mother to child, for me that is. Perfect love is the unconditional love.

When I remember to say my silent mantra which is kind of a feeling combined with a few essential concepts I can have perfect love whenever and wherever I am. The concepts I contemplate are in no particular order and with no particular need to remember it all

 'I feel limitless, unconditional love. I am a conduit for limitless, unconditional love. Limitless unconditional love flows naturally through me and out of me'

Tolerance and acceptance of people’s differences certainly brings us closer to achieving it. Sometimes I think it's a lack of feeling connected can get warped into a search for perfect love - which doesn't really exist because people aren't perfect.  

Love is everywhere you don't need a "MESSIAH" to find love my friends. But everyone has the right to believe what they want and if you need an image to turn to for guidance then again your choice.
Religion as a whole is outdated. 
We no longer needed to be told to love each other; we've learnt to do that by ourselves. I think that is how to do the change bit, and how you learn to love. 
Albeit imperfectly.

Looking for and basing love on conditions … is conditional-love. 

Conditions are changeable and no lasting happiness will be found even if you enact the very change you wanted; you will soon want something different and the conditions for your love will change. Not to worry change in inevitable. 
The love we are looking for comes only from within and is unchangeable and not based on conditions. Do not be distracted from your love by outside conditions. Or go ahead and do so, but knowing you are doing so helps. 
It is all good.

Love is real should you choose to accept it without expectations but that can prove to be easier said than done!

Open your heart to love and you will see it’s real but imperfect but that life. Life would be totally a drag if everything was so simple, wouldn't it! 

love light and peace

Sunday, December 6, 2015

We are lost in a GALAXY of misunderstanding at large.

We find that we live on an insignificant planet of a humdrum star lost in a GALAXY tucked away in some forgotten CORNER OF A UNIVERSE in which there are FAR MORE GALAXIES THAN PEOPLE.

EVERY ONE OF US is, in the cosmic perspective, PRECIOUS. If a human DISAGREES WITH YOU, LET HIM LIVE. In a HUNDRED BILLION GALAXIES, you will not find another.

For me, it is FAR BETTER to GRASP the Universe as IT REALLY IS than to persist in DELUSION, however SATISFYING and REASSURING.

Who is more humble?
The scientist who looks at the universe with an open mind and accepts whatever the universe has to teach us, or somebody who says everything in this book must be considered the literal truth and never mind the fallibility of all the human beings involved?

Who can SEPARATE their FAITH from their ACTIONS, or their BELIEF from their OCCUPATIONS?

Your daily LIFE is your TEMPLE and YOUR RELIGION.

love light and peace

Friday, December 4, 2015

What other people think of you is none of your business. No matter what you are, what you have, what you do and what you become, you will always be judged. This is part of life.

Girl gets pregnant at 20: People say "She's too young to have a baby".
Girl gets pregnant at 35: "She's risking her baby's health!"
Girl considers abortion: "Can't believe she's just going to get rid of her baby."
Girl keeps the baby: "How's she going to afford that baby??"
Girl gets benefits: "Wow, she's so lazy."
Girl gets a job: "How can she stand to be away from her baby all day like that?"
Girl becomes a stay at home mom: "She probably doesn't do anything all day."
Girl stops hanging out with friends: "She totally changed when she had that baby."
Girl goes out: "She's always partying."
Girl wants to leave crappy bf: "Nobody knows what it means to work things out anymore."
Girl wants to stay with crappy bf: "She's dumb."
Girl eats burger: "Fatty."
Girl eats salad: "Must be one of those starving health nuts."
Girl is overprotective of her child: "You need to relax, helicopter mom."
Girl lets her child play without her: "Where is this kid's mom??"
Girl spanks her kid: "Call Protective Services!"
Girl refuses to spank: "Her kids are going to be such brats."

Girl gets raped by a monster, and then gets pregnant as a result. Girl gets called a monster for having an abortion.

No matter what you do, people will talk.
So do what is best for YOU & your baby, not other people.

Live your own life don't bother about what other people may think about you, you don't need to please them, it’s your life, your choice, your own happiness.

love light and peace

Thursday, December 3, 2015

We are never really free, we are locked in our own madness...

We are like a vapour in the wind. We can be gone from this Earthly Life in the blink of an Eye. Live each day as though it could be your last. 
Life is unsure. 
Death is certain.
This earth is our time to experience things in mortality with a veil between our memories of our spiritual existence. 
Our loved ones are close by; they know our thoughts and feelings. 
Even though we miss them and are sad we must remember that death is not the end.

love light and peace

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Stop the rat race...

Something I've always known and had impress upon my son>>>>> once you accumulate enough money for the rest of your life stop pursuing wealth it can only make a person into a twisted being, you have to pursue objectives that are not related to wealth. 
It should be something more important: 
For example, stories of love, art, dreams of your childhood.  
God has made us one way, we can feel the love in the heart of each of us, and not illusions built by fame or money, and you cannot take them with you. 
You can only take with me the memories that were strengthened by love. This is the true wealth that will follow you; will accompany you, he will give strength and light to go ahead. 
Love can travel thousands of miles and so life has no limits. 
Move to where you want to go. 
Strive to reach the goals you want to achieve. 
Everything is in your heart and in your hands. 

What is the world's most expensive bed? 
The hospital bed. 

You, if you have money, you can hire someone to drive your car, but you cannot hire someone to take your illness that are killing you. 

Material things lost can be found. 
But one thing you can never find when you lose: 

Whatever stage of life where we are right now, at the end we will have to face the day when the curtain falls.

Please treasure your family love, love for your spouse, and love for your friends... Treat everyone well and stay friendly with your neighbours.

love light and peace

Saturday, November 28, 2015

There is more to serious life than drugs...

Asking questions and seeking answers is what Further Education is all about whether it's an Academic Education or educating oneself in Life in general.
Only too often you realize that some people only ask questions looking to be told what to believe, what to think and how to live.
They are absolving themselves of the responsibility of being Independent Thinkers.
It's so easy to get someone else to do your thinking for you and if at the end of the day it all goes wrong it was their fault, not yours.
You can very easily be selective about what you accept to make your own mind up.
Real learning is NOT passive acceptance.
That is how you learn at school.
It is called Spoon Feeding.
Anyone who's had the opportunity to attend higher education knows that you have to be selective as to what you accept and you are always in a position to offer your personal interpretation and you NEVER wait for information to come to you.

You go seeking knowledge with an inquisitive critical mind.

love light and peace

Friday, November 27, 2015

I am...

I think therefore I am. But to think that is what I am, with all the misunderstandings, with all the bias I still have, with all the lack of knowledge. 
I am far from what I really am.
We all have some kind of misunderstood, things we thought we know in the past. And as our mind gather more information, we see what we understood or know was a misunderstood. 
Those misunderstood back then at its present moment how strongly we thought we understand it, as same as what we think we understand now. 
Thus how could we think what we understand now is really is. What we understand now is only the best we know how. We could not have find out it is a misunderstood thing without new information, those information are from what we learn. 
Without learning how could we able to get new information about what we think we understand. If you are strongly belief in what you understand is the true than anything else come along even if it is the true, you would pass it by as false information. 
Most of us have experience that with other, and you kept thinking to yourself what a stubborn person, or lack of knowledge person. 
Well by strongly belief what you are know is the fact, the true. Then you are just like the person that you thought stubborn or lack of knowledge.

Understanding this, I cannot claim “I know myself", but to claim I know very little of myself, and consider what I know maybe a misunderstanding because of lack of knowledge. 
What I know about myself would be very little, almost next to nothing. 
One thing for sure is that I still don't know myself, no matter how old I get, because there are always thing I need to learn.
With this understanding would help me keep looking and try to understand myself better.

The lighted up person is not our energy or spirit or soul. 
But it is ourselves with full of wisdom.

love light and peace

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

One of the truest statements I've ever read!!! I don't give a damn who said it!

These words are so true they hurt... It appeals to human intellect a good message and a reminder that we all need to get perspective once in a while and evaluate how we are living our lives.

We exist and cease to exist. Claiming to know anything more is asking how many angels fit on the head of a pin.

love light and peace

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The simplicity of adding more to more to more to more to more.....The Joy Of......

the joy of rain
the joy of going for it
the joy of privacy
the joy of ignoring people who talk about spirituality
the joy of skin and nails and teeth
the joy of tasting it richly
the joy of actually enjoying it enjoying it enjoying it enjoying it
the joy of temporary
the joy of found objects turned into further found objects
the joy of not believing in name tags
the joy of knowing no human being anywhere on this island had anything to do with anything at all really
the joy of having just enough money for a coffee
the joy of philosophical activity
the joy of writing
the joy of an alphabet alone [in a] u-n-i-v-e-r-s-e
the joy of can't see the future
the joy of wheels
the joy of colors
the joy of "no one owns me"

the joy of not having to read a book in order to think new things
the joy of "how wrong they were about everything"
the joy of ignoring "that's not how you're supposed to do it"
the joy of staring at the plain white wall
the joy of strangers everywhere
the joy of "less is more"
the joy of paradox
the joy of "already dead"
the joy of eternal amnesia
the joy of mercy
the joy of "until again"
the joy of knowing neither east or west or north or south has anything to do with happiness
the joy of "gotcha ya!"
the joy of ignoring popes
the joy of ignoring presidents
the joy of ignoring people who need leaders; "nap and cookies?"
the joy of unchained hands and being able to touch it all
the joy of "nature makes no copies"
the joy of "stop taking credit"
the joy of not reading comments
the joy of getting older
the joy of not needing things to be magic
the joy of "never been alive before"
the joy of riding a bike
the joy of "no one forces me to read"
the joy of a long ass list
the joy of heights
the joy of "dead people did their best"
the joy of not even close to safe
the joy of eyes wide open
the joy of finding an alphabet all alone out in the open on a screen made of "plug that shit in"
the joy of whistling kettle
the joy of on-time trains

now cont. >>>>>>

love light and peace

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Burden of Being Real...

The pain and pleasure of any sentence is in the reading/listening I do and the believing I do thereafter regarding the projection I create of "a writer/speaker", which could only be me...reading/hearing it that way I read and heard it.
The burden of being real is the patience it takes to read slower, listen slower, to the sentences hanging around the island.
No one forces me to read or listen the way I do. That kind of blameless interpreting pins all my hopes on me to simply not react to my own imagination regarding what I read, hear, and believe about where I decide it comes from, those sentences, and those utterances.
Can say "he said-she said" all I want to. That does not make me less responsible for my interpretation or assumption of authorship.
Can explode and yell and scream and weep and moan and laugh and sigh at anything I hear or read. The topic can be anything! Anything! There is no one else making it come to life. There is no one else forcing me to take the sentences seriously, or see them that way, or assume they are right or wrong or mean this or that.
That emotion comes from that interpretation. It cannot come from any other place. Nothing forces me to stay alive.
Not once have I met an author separate from the sentences, separate from my interaction with the words spoken or painted.
The name of "whoever" wrote it just another thing I interpret and decide I like or don't like, approve of or don't approve of.
"That’s a cool name."
"That’s a dumb name."
"That name means they are from this and that means they think this because that what I know about that spot on the map I am making up out of my interpretations, memories, desires, etc..."
Are the reader, listener and believer of whatever words I find arranged in whatever sentences travel by me. I make me miserable or happy or free or bound by what I believe about the sentences and by what I imagine about the author...the further sentences I add to the name of whomever I interpret.
I am a builder.
I make up a world and in that world I make someone else responsible for how I made it up; a child on the floor yelling at Lagos to "Behave!"
The bizarre agony and strange delight of being real is I cannot fault any name for how I feel about a world, a reality, a universe, if at all those are words I can use wisely. I doubt I can.
I cannot know if another side exists where what I imagine to be the case, or what I build from the cases I have previously built, is actually there separate from how I imagine and build it;
An alphabet in a lookout tower made of black boards and chalk and slow-melting lit fuses;
A wayward castaway on an island made of amnesia.
"Who made these words come to life?!"

love light and peace

Saturday, November 21, 2015

One can compromise in one's actions without compromising one principles.

In everything you do, you must first think about your final objective. What is it that you REALLY want to accomplish?

Once you are able to answer this question, then, and only then, will you know the right actions to take. If you act without first knowing what your final objective is, you are simply shooting in the dark, and you may find that the final outcome is something that you never intended and do not want.

There is a right way and a wrong to do everything in life.

Even when you know the right thing to do, you can still do the right thing in the wrong way.
For example, the doctor may prescribe a certain medicine for your medical condition. It is the right medicine and it will heal your body if you take it.
But, you can still take the right medicine the wrong way. If you go home and take the entire bottle at one time, you will not achieve your desired outcome.

In fact, you will probably achieve the exact opposite of what you wanted - you may die.

You can have the right intentions, the right effort, and the right heart, but if you take the wrong action, it can nullify all of your efforts.
And, if you take the right action, in the wrong way or at the wrong time, it can also cause you to fail.

One can compromise in one's actions without compromising one principles!

You must do the right thing, at the right time, and in the right way. If one of those is foundation stones are not right, it can cause your whole objective to fail and can even because unforeseen consequences that can lead to even greater problems than the one that you were trying to solve to begin with.

See things from every angle before you act.

love light and peace
note to AOH

Monday, November 16, 2015


We can only truly change when we fully accept ourselves as we are right now; flaws, imperfections, doubts and all. A true painter uses the canvas they are given; they will not wait for the perfect canvas to begin.

The art must happen now.

You want the perfect partner? 
The perfect mother or father? 
The perfect boss? 
The perfect body? 
The perfect feelings? 
The perfect enlightenment? 
The perfect life?

How about deeply accepting what is here, right now? 
How about deeply accepting others, as they actually are? 
How about bowing to the energies that are alive, dignifying the place where you stand?

A strange place to start, admittedly. Sounds a little, er, back-to-front. Like giving up. Like settling for less than you deserve. Like weakness. A self-indulgent pity party. Getting lost in the mud.
But wait.
Is acceptance of 'what is' the same as giving up on the possibility of change? 
Actually, no.
Does acceptance mean tolerating or "putting up with" difficult feelings? 
Does it mean blindly following violent impulses? 
Not at all.
Does acceptance mean becoming detached and passive, turning a blind eye to the violence in the world, letting others walk all over us and our loved ones? 
Does acceptance mean playing a false role, the role of the "very spiritually evolved, deeply accepting, utterly peaceful person"? 
Acceptance is not a role, and it's not personal.

Deep acceptance means aligning with the way things actually are. 
It means staring life in the face, right now. 
It means turning towards what is here, what has been given, the actual canvas. 
It means letting go of false hopes and dreams and awakening to what is really true. 
It means ending the war, seeing through the illusion of a 'self' separate from this mysterious movement of life. It means saying yes to the present scene of the movie, even if it isn't the scene you'd planned or hoped for.

It is the that out of a deep and uncompromising acceptance of this seemingly 'imperfect' moment, truly creative and intelligent and surprisingly effortless change can happen. Because you're no longer at war, and you're open to possibility, and you're fully alive.

You've nourished and fertilised the ground with loving attention and slowness, and now something new and beautiful can emerge.

The mind was never in charge of change, anyway.

And the ground was always trustable.

love light and peace

Sunday, November 15, 2015


The word 'happy' is related to the word 'happen'.
Happiness is not a destination, then, or a goal.
It cannot be generated, bought or sold.
It has nothing to do with how much you have.
It cannot be controlled.
It simply happens.
It happens when you stop seeking it.
It happens when you cease trying so hard.
It happens when you least expect it.
It happens in the gap between thoughts.
It happens in the silence underlying sounds.
It happens in the stillness of the morning,
or as the sun gently sets,
or as your heart breaks.
It can happen in the midst of sorrow,
grief, doubt, confusion, fear.
It can happen when you are unhappy,
for it has no opposite, no enemy, no limit.
It is never far away.
It is like the sky, ever-present,
even as the rain falls,
even as the storm rages.
Do not seek happiness;
be it, know it, remember it..

Gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to improve your life and the lives of those around you.

For me happiness is Equilibrium. It's not about a joy or something that is pleasant to me... It's about the Balance that you have deep inside you, no matter what's going on outside... 
The certain point that is really You. 
Only in that point I can feel True happiness, that opens the feeling of Absolute.

love light and peace

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.

Always consider the source when you hear or read information, especially on the internet. You can tell a lot about a person by what they talk about and how they say what they say. 
There have always been plenty of fools to spread gossip and rumors, and even more idiots to accept what they say without ever questioning it or attempting to discover the truth.
And the rumor mill has even become worse with the explosion of the internet. 
Today, haters can spread rumors without ever leaving their home, and without anyone ever knowing who they are. 
They simply type some lies, allow the fools to spread their rubbish, and hope that enough idiots will believe the rumors that they invented. 
These people are malicious cowards, refuse to be played by these people. Never blindly accept rumors or information.
Be wise and always be skeptical of rumors passed along especially when it comes from an anonymous source or someone of questionable character. 
You are responsible for everything you think, everything you say, and everything you do.
So many people in today's society try to justify their wrong actions or somehow blame their actions on other people, but no matter what, they are responsible for their own actions. No matter how you spin it, the responsibility for your actions always land at your own front door.
The superior man or woman is always willing to take responsibility for what he or she does. Right or wrong, the superior will man up and own their actions, their words, and their thoughts. Never blames someone else for a choice that YOU alone made.
It is time to get back to the old ways, the times where men and women took responsibility for their own actions.

Think before you act and then do what you think is right. And if the results are not what you want them to be, at least you tried to the best of your ability to do the right thing.

We have control over our actions, not always the results of our actions.

love light and peace

Thursday, November 12, 2015

It is sometimes hard to remember your task was to drain the swamp when you are up to your ass in alligators...

There is no faster way to bring about misfortune than to think it is coming. Thought is a powerful force, and it is a creative tool that many people give little energy to or abandon in the face of any real threat to safety or stability. 
What are you worried about today? 
Rather than worry about it, would it not be a better use of your mental time to visualize a positive outcome? 

Use your mind in this way and you will have tapped one of the most extraordinary tools God has placed in your hand for the creation of your tomorrows.

When I feel scared about some outcome or find myself to start to worry, I remember who I am and, give thanks for everything I have and take breaths with the mantra "All is well". 
This makes me feel better because I know, in feeling better, miracles really do happen. Then I feel even better, and the well being flows.

It is more about letting go of the outcome and trusting that no matter how challenging life is, life is for me, and that everything comes together for good it’s more about "trust" and letting go, life’s challenges have a great way of stripping away attachments to things of temporary value to reveal the things that really matter and are eternal, like love, compassion, kindness etc.

You are without needs. There is nothing that you need to be perfectly happy. You only think there is. Your deepest, most perfect happiness will be found within, and once you find it, nothing can destroy it.

Do not miss a single chance not one single opportunity to tell someone how wonderful they are, how special they are, how important to you they are, how incredible as a person they are, how beautiful they are inside and out. 
Do not miss a single opening in which to insert such a comment, genuinely felt and genuinely meant. Make it your life's mission today to bring to the attention of another just how extraordinary they are. Say it. Say it. SAY it. 
Their heart is waiting to know that their own best thought about themselves can be believed.

Life is movement.
Movement is change. 
Every time a sub molecular particle swings through time and space, something is changing. Change, therefore, is inevitable. 
It is the nature of life itself. 
The trick in life is not to try to avoid change, but to create change. 
Then it is the kind of change you choose.

All of life is animated by a single fantastic energy, which is the essence of everything that is -- including you. Isn't that amazing? 
Now, because this essence is who you are and what you are made of, it can obviously never leave you. Perhaps not so obviously, it can also be wonderfully helpful. 
It can bring you peace in moments of stress, 
strength in moments of weakness, 
courage in moments of fear, 
wisdom in moments of confusion, 
forgiveness in moments of anger, and 
love in all the moments of your life. 

All you have to do is know that this is true, and it will be true for you, right now. I think that's terrific, don't you? 
You already know the reason that this particular reminder came to you today...

love light and peace

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

One thing you can give and still keep, is your word.

Lying has become as common in our culture as telling the truth, but it shouldn't be that way. Make your word as good as gold. When you say that you are going to do something, do it. When you tell someone something, tell the truth.
There are some things in this world that you can give and still keep; your word is one of those things. And when you give your word, but don't keep it, you lose its value and you have little left.
Have enough self-respect to keep your word. Make your word mean something. Lying comes from fear have the courage to be honest and tell things like they truly are! 
I told my sons from early on 
"No matter how rich or poor you are your word is the one thing no one can take from you only you can screw that up by not keeping it".
Be nice until it is time to not be nice.
In whatever position you find yourself, first determine your objective. You have to know what your ultimate objective is.
What is your purpose? 
Always be nice until it is time to not be nice. Your intuition and your spirit will let you know when that time comes.
This can’t be accomplished if you allow your emotions to influence your decisions. Think rationally and accomplish your ultimate objective.

love light and peace

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I gave you $10, she gave you $20. You felt that she was better just because she gave you more. But she had $200. All I had was $10.
Too often we judge things without having all of the pertinent information. Some people who seem caring and giving, have alternative motivations; while others who seem less caring and benevolent are giving all that they can.

Never judge a person or a situation without first making sure that you know the facts. 

There are those who give just to make themselves look good or to fit in with their peers. And then there are those who give from their hearts. 
Make sure that you know the difference.

And, make sure that your own intentions are pure and noble. When you help someone, do with pure intentions and love, not to impress others.

Your intentions make all the difference.

love light and peace