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Thursday, December 24, 2015

So weep, laugh, do something crazy, forget your troubles; you have been given another day; you are already victorious!

Another day to live is the best gift. 
Celebrate the day!

Let today be the day you giggled more, laughed more, wept more, fell to your knees more in gratitude and in silliness and saw the preciousness in the passing of things. 
For when you become like the little children you will enter the kingdom of heaven, and the kingdom is already here, friends, disguised as an ordinary year, an ordinary day, an ordinary moment, waiting for your eyes to open wide to its abundant treasures.

Sometimes we fall apart, and sometimes in the midst of falling apart, we remember more clearly where our feet are rooted.  
Held by gravity; always falling, yet somehow always supported. Sometimes we are brought to our knees, and we remember our knees, and nothing has happened from the perspective of the ground, save for the birdsong and the first light of dawn.

I thought of you after despair paid a visit.....this is what it gave me........in this dream
you are in this wild water
and you are so scared and you struggle more then you have ever
had to struggle
you try to scream for help, even though you know no one hears you
you are still asleep and the moment comes when you know
oh wow....it’s a dream
without thinking you know
there is peace in both the struggle and the drowning

What a peaceful way to experience life.

love light and peace