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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A longing for something other, a merger, a fusion – obliteration sitting still, being uncomfortable, seeing the ordinary.

I hope to live in a world where people put their faith in understanding science, the lack of fictitious Gods, and a world where kindness and respect for one another and for all the creatures on this planet, is paramount. 

This is just a pipe dream that I doubt will ever come to fruition. 

World leaders can certainly help to bring about this change but they are too narrow minded and focused on their own greed to accomplish this. 
You can't be a revolutionist if you belong to a political party.

I believe that the winds of time and chance happen to us all,,, but the universal changes that you are calling for, there are many of us calling for but what we the people are not being informed of is the sacrifice and the debt to pay in order to birth and produce these changes, it's much like having children, it's a full life transformation that requires your ALL investment

The revolution really needs to be a reformation ...-and resolution and repentance in order to produce permanent LIFE outcomes, and not the religious whoredom that prostitutes the true and genuine love and light. This alone must be our guide and hope eternal...

When suffering under the addiction to thinking, clarity and the occasional free space of mind is relief.
When we think, we are going to make mistakes. 
The flow of thought it isn't always right and we can jump on any words and form words ourselves. 
Defending or agreeing. 

We often feel something if words don't agree with our words. Battle. To harmonise we must rise above thought not below to the level of animal. Left or right, up or down, sometimes a smile, sometimes a frown, both are faces of same coin

Where there's humans there will be corruption, and where there's a need for control there will be no real freedom. 
'True freedom cannot be offered from above it must be taken from below'. 

Nothing will change unless we make changes to THE WAY we are governed and do business...

love light and peace