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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Practice of affirmations

Affirmations do not work if they are merely statement of what you want to be true.

Affirmations work only when they are statement of something you already know to be true.

The best so-called affirmation is a statement of gratitude and appreciation. “Thank you, God, for bringing me success in my life.”

Now, that idea, thought, spoken, and acted upon, produces wonderful results – when it comes from true knowing, not from an attempt to produce results, but from awareness that result have already been produces.

If, now, there is something you choose to experience in your life, DO NOT “wants” it – choose it.

Those who are nice to know

There are some that we met in passing

  and forget them as soon as they go,

There are some we remember with pleasure
  because they are so nice to know,

There are those who at first seem appealing
  whose ethics and standards seem high,

But slowly we grow disillusioned
  and esteem and respect fade and die,

But it is surely refreshing
  to find in this wide world today,

People who grow even greater
  in all that they do and say.

Let there be light!

The light of the Creator is ever-present and willing to fulfil our need and desire. Herein lays the secret to activating the prayers of humankind.
The actual switch is our own behaviour. The moment you apply the concept of resistance in your life, it’s akin to a heading flipping on the light.

We must resist our desire to blame others

We must resist our urge to one-up and outdo our friends and foes

We must resist our impulse to take it all for ourselves, and instead, share a hefty-sized portion with others.

We must resist our doubt about the truth of the Creator, especially when no one is looking

We must resist the impulse of envy and not cast the ‘evil eye’ at our best friends or worst enemies.

This is how we turn on the switch. This is how we answer our own prayers, NOT God.

Always make an attempt to arouse certainty of joy and fulfilment in the future along with true happiness in what has already been given to you. This not only ensures that you will receive all that God intends for you and also brings protection from painful losses right now.

Use it or lose it, is an important principle, and the best use of God’s gifts begins with sincere appreciation.

This is what I said to myself all the time – “Just as I am certain that my life will be filled with abundance in the future, so do I appreciate what I have right now”

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Love lightens the burden

I see their souls, and I hold them in my hands, and because I love them they weigh nothing.

We can be guarded when caring for others and helping them with their problems.

What if their issues drain us?

What if they take up a lot of time?

When we reach out to others in compassion, we discover that the reaching out creates its own energy.

Love provides its own time and resources. The others' burdens do not weigh us down when we let love carry the load.

Please do not be afraid of having compassion for others, trust that love will fuel our actions.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Physical Limits

Our own physical body possesses a wisdom which we who inhabits the body lack. We give it orders which make no sense.

Sometimes the requests we make of our bodies go over and above the call of duty and outside the realm of healthy discipline.

Missing sleeps, eating poorly, sitting at an unhealthy work station, rarely exercising, or lifting something that is too heavy - all can result in bad health or injury.

The body's desires are fairly straightforward: nourishment, shelter, self-care, rest, and movement.

It's not surprising that those elements make for a balanced life for the soul, too.

When we honour and respect what our body needs to stay healthy, we find ourselves living a life that is healthier for our soul and mind as well. So, be more alert to our physical needs.

Many interests, many friends

I cannot concentrate all my friends on any single one of my friends because NO one is complete enough in him or herself.

Each one of us is an unusual mix of interests, preferences, ideas and passions.

No single person is likely to enjoy all our facets. It can cause tension when we expect a dear friend to make up one of our interests just because we want a partner.

It's far more gracious to satisfy our need for social connection by meeting and making friends with a wide range of people.

One person goes swimming with us, another likes to discuss spirituality, and another enjoys our hobby of making quilts....there are many good pals who can meet us where ever we're at, whatever we're doing.

My best friend might not enjoy everything that I do. That's okay, I will make a few new friends who like some of the interests that I've been enjoying lately.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Swim for it!

Step into the water if your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it!

Successful people seem to have a knack for making their own opportunities or getting closer to opportunities they've heard about. If we sit and wait for success to suddenly materialize, there is a chance it will spontaneously happen - but it's a slim chance, indeed!

When we have a 'dream', there is only one way to see it through; Set a course and then begin taking a few small steps into the water....DO NOT wait for hands out, work towards it....

And IF you were given a helping hand just be thankful for it and be grateful that you did get help...DO NOT turn around thinking that the person who have had helped you owe you something; they are just doing you a favour and NOTHING more.

The next time YOU hear yourself talking about 'luck' or 'chance', THINK of a way of how can you better the odds of achieving your goal, and then take a small step in the right direction.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Self-sufficient happiness

Happiness belongs to those who are sufficient into themselves.  For all external sources of happiness and pleasure are, by their very nature, highly uncertain, precarious, ephemeral, and subject to chance.

We are all interdependent; our friendship and interactions are precious and can be sources of great joy. But, we cannot depend so much on others that we need them to make us happy.

The happiest people simmer with gladness regardless of whether they are in happy circumstances. A healthy self-sufficiency is the first step in developing an unshakable sense of joy.

Sometimes I feel happy because of a conversation, event, or enjoyable activity. We don't have to rely only on those sources of happiness, however. we can find happiness within ourselves.