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Monday, April 18, 2011

Many interests, many friends

I cannot concentrate all my friends on any single one of my friends because NO one is complete enough in him or herself.

Each one of us is an unusual mix of interests, preferences, ideas and passions.

No single person is likely to enjoy all our facets. It can cause tension when we expect a dear friend to make up one of our interests just because we want a partner.

It's far more gracious to satisfy our need for social connection by meeting and making friends with a wide range of people.

One person goes swimming with us, another likes to discuss spirituality, and another enjoys our hobby of making quilts....there are many good pals who can meet us where ever we're at, whatever we're doing.

My best friend might not enjoy everything that I do. That's okay, I will make a few new friends who like some of the interests that I've been enjoying lately.