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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Living a Life of Excellence...

Those who take control of their own thoughts and actions, take control of their own destiny. 

If you want to change your life, change your thoughts and your actions. 
It is as simple as that. 
Your thoughts have energy. 
They can manifest either the things that you want in your life or the things that you don't want in your life. 
It depends on what you focus your thoughts on consistently.

Changing your thoughts may not change your life immediately, but it will eventually change your life if you are persistent and don't give up. 

This is not magic. 
Controlling your thoughts and focusing them on what you want in your life is not like waving a magic wand. 
It is a process.

You can't just make a couple of affirmations and expect your life to magically change. 

You have to make the changes in your thought process a consistent part of your life, just like the other parts of the warrior lifestyle. 
It has to become a part of you.

You don't go to the dojo three times and suddenly become a martial arts expert. In the same way, you can't just think positive thoughts for a week or two and expect your life to change. 

It takes time and persistence.

But I can guarantee you that if you continue to focus your thoughts on the things that you want in your life, you will eventually manifest them and positive changes will occur. 

As with everything else in life, if you quit because you are not getting results fast enough, you will never reach your objectives.


Saturday, June 29, 2013

I won't be wronged. I won't be insulted. I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people, and I require the same from them.

The true being do not go around bullying other people. 
We don't use our skills to intimidate others, belittle others, or become abusive in any way. We don't treat others with disrespect, hate, or a better-than-thou attitude. 
All of these things are below him, and at the same time, so is allowing others to treat him in these ways.

This doesn't mean that you have to constantly be in someone's face for not treating you right, but it does mean that you will require a certain amount of courtesy and respect from those you interact with. 
It doesn't take much to treat others in a respectful manner; in general, people that are rude, go out of their way to be rude. 

Rude behaviour towards anyone speaks to the rude person's own character. 
While everyone is free to act and speak as he or she wishes, you are also free to not allow others to treat you in such a manner. 
To quote Captain Woodrow Call, 
"I won't tolerate rude behaviour." 

When you truly make important principles a part of your life, you become one with them. 
They aren't something separate that you conveniently use then you set aside when they are inconvenient; they are an essential part of who you are.

Therefore, once you know the value of your principles, if you allow yourself to lose them for whatever reason, you have lost an important part of yourself and will be unsettled until you get yourself back in balance.

Maintain your principles and your standards. Honour is not a temporary stepping stone; it is a lifelong part of your soul. 

Don't lose it.


Friday, June 28, 2013

Encapsulates the key ingredient of nondual teachings.....

"In the beingness itself there is no anxiety or waiting.
No waiting, no anticipating, no next.
Recognize the Self that is not on the way to becoming another state.
It is stateless. It simply Is.
It is not the thinking mind.
Recognize the difference between thought and Self.
Thought is more like the wind that moves about,
but Self is like space which is present everywhere and doesn't move about.
Space has no opinion about thought.
Thoughts cannot crash into space for space is formless.
Recognise, acknowledge and be one with the space which Is.
This is natural for you.
It doesn't matter what the mind says about that.
It may say: ‘There is no value in simply being.
There is only value in becoming’.
And by accepting this, it will rob you of your inherent peace and silence.
To be the Self is not a state of laziness.
It is to be in natural harmony.
Keep the attention here in the silence of being.
And at the same time you can notice that your activities don't suffer from your attention being in being.
The invitation here is to go completely through the forest of mind into the pure recognition of what is timeless and perfect.
This is completely possible here.
Don't be afraid.
Whenever a human being has done this, however long ago that is, the rest of the world cannot forget them.
The impact of their presence brings light to uncountable beings.
That presence, I am speaking about is your own true Self.
Nobody is more close to it to another,
or too far from it.
These are mere ideas.
Wake up to what you can never not be.
Seize your chance.

-  Mooji

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Think, feel and show up in the world accordingly.

I believe that health, success, and good relationships are a result of how we view ourselves. From there it's a positive feedback loop.
Unfortunately people very often tend to see things the way they want, not the way they should or how they truly are. 
There´s the only ways out believe in you because you know who you truly are, do something positive because this is that matters, and don´t ignore experience, useful advice.

There's no need to state the obvious? 

You need to state it all the time.
You are Significant!

We seem to become what we feel ourselves worthy of being, and "a hard time" does not equal "impossible". I also believe that sometimes there can be little or no choice in perception.

Do what works for you.

It's the idea of choosing what fits in your life, what works for you and your body, rather than what a religion, government, social group or club or any other "organization" tells you is right or wrong.

It's the epitome of being undefined! ALL definitions are boxes of limitation. 

"It's this, but not that." "
I'M this and this and this, but, oh, definitely never THAT!"

Definitions create limitation on what you can receive because you are stating that you're not willing to know, have, experience, perceive or receive anything outside of the boxes you created.
Pssst...Those cosy little boxes????
They're called "coffins."

LIVE while you're in a body! Explore! Adventure! Drop judgements and enjoy all the things "Well, I would never...” just my friendly big perspective.

Open up and tune in...


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Knowledge is an aspect of being but being can't be encompassed by knowledge.

 Self-knowledge is kind of a different term from 'knowledge' in the usual meaning of the word 'knowledge.' 

Usually when we think of the word 'knowledge,' we think of knowledge of an object in the world of name and form. 

But self-knowledge isn't the knowledge of an object. The 'self' which we are is not available to be 'known' in that way.

Perhaps, rather than using the word knowledge, a better word to use might be recognition. One recognizes what one always has been, but which was previously over-looked or misconstrued. Whatever we may think we are, until we recognize that which we truly are, isn't what we really are.

For a long time, I searched for my self as an object. Expecting this 'self' thing to pop out as something new and entirely different, something that would match up to the superlative descriptions I had heard.

When the 'self' pops out, as it were, it isn't recognized to be something new or totally different. It's known, as in recognized, to be who one has been all along.

Prior to that recognition whatever we think about it will be a concept. After that recognition, it's just kind like, "Oh, that's what it is all about." It might even be, "What's the big deal?"

But then as one gets to know one's self, as it were, the appreciation of this self which everyone is, grows.

The fact of consciousness is recognized by consciousness, but not directly, it can't be an object of perception. It's more like the ignorance, ideas about identity, are eradicated, leaving only being. When psychological ideas of self are absent, there is peace.

We accumulate spiritual "knowledge" because we imagine it will set us free. Actually, it is the imaginary bars on our imaginary prison. When we cease to believe in the bars, we realize it was never real to begin with.

And employ a met cognitive framing of your thought stream.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

*It is nothing special but nothing ordinary!*

No two things

Have you noticed how when you move towards something the distance between you and the something gets less and 
less until there is a point at which you can no longer get any closer because you are touching it? 

How obvious! But has it really been noticed?

At that moment, from your point of view it could be said, by you, that there are now two things in contact. 

Or it could be said right now, by no one, that nothing has changed and there are no two things.

How easily overlooked is this everyday miracle of the apparently ‘not one’ being experienced as ‘not two’.

It is nothing special but nothing ordinary!

Nothing of value can happen to a mind which knows exactly what it wants....

Philosophy is to be studied, not for the sake of any definite answers to its questions, since no definite answers can, as a rule, be known to be true, but rather for the sake of the questions themselves; because these questions enrich our intellectual imagination, and diminish the dogmatic assurance which closes the mind against speculation... (Bertrand Russell)


Monday, June 24, 2013

The inner dialogue does not have to be taken seriously. Ever.

It is never taken serious by you only by an idea....which is another funny idea, that ideas can take ideas serious.

It's all an idea you are having. I ----- have never, ever changes, yet its manifestations continue to complexity and spiritually evolve

It feels right to sort through the thoughts, establish what kind of energy are they, and of what effect they will be if articulated or held on to.

Who cares are the ones who have concern on what kind of contribution their energy is making to the collective. 

Thoughts as well as everything else are energy.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Time is an identity like “I know”.

No time or knowing can touch the simplicity of being here. 

There is nothing that has to be believed. 

Being here precedes all belief. 

This is testable. 

Just for a second, without harming the body, try to stop existing. 

With all your might, give it a shot.


Friday, June 21, 2013

Hell yeah! Freedom is seeing it was always free to see.

While it appears there are possibilities, there is never more than one.

The one carried out is the only one there ever was.

The mind appears to weigh options. This is only an appearance. Reality is what actually is. The appearance of having been able to choose otherwise is a lie.

It appears like the possibility arose through a channel of options, but this is just an appearance.

Even as you play with intentionality, whatever arises is inevitable.

It is silly to say it like, "It's always what was going to happen," since it all happens Now but the flavour of it tastes like that.

This mind holding different thought possibilities appears to be able to steer the experiencing in a particular direction. This is just an appearance, much like the sense of a separate "I".

The beauty is none of this changes how Living Lives.

In the same way it feels like a separate someone is here until it doesn't, it feels like options exist until it doesn't.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Communication always fails, but by chance.

It's a great thing to know.

There is nothing I can do to avoid being misinterpreted. The listener has no choice but to hear what I say through the filter of their own preferences. 
If I want to be clear, I have to be patient with the impossibility of communication.

Well, there is something you can do that might at times help to avoid being misinterpreted, and that is to be as clear as you possibly can about what it is you intend to communicate – commented Murray.

Interestingly how sometimes our extensive vocabulary can limit us from the simplicity of the message we wish to convey.

Speech is outmoded.

I am amazed whenever it appears communication has been understood. A miracle of patience. Sometimes I am so enjoying the interaction and then they say something that reveals you did not understand each other at all. 
Often it’s good just to smile and nod. 

Even silence gets interpreted through as many filters as people on earth! 

Who knows how my heartbeat sounds to the ears of those who wish to come closer! 

It's hard enough for me, at times, trying not to misinterpret my own words, silence, gestures, feelings, body signs... and then doing my best to express all of that as clearly and kindly as I can. 
I can only sympathize with those who might want to make the effort to communicate and trust that what really matters will somehow eventually get through...


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished....• Lao Tzu

I was down with a terrible cold and was in bed most of the day. 

After his afternoon tea, Adam came into our bedroom and sat beside me to see if I am OK. He knows I don't normally sleeps during the day unless I am really sick. He then began....

“Mum, is it possible, that my attention is very - maybe a little too much - self concentrated?  What do you think????”  - asked Adam my 16 year old

“Could be, I also believe that you are a decent young man who respects people and adds value to their lives. The more clarity and awareness you hold, the more you can contribute. So maybe this self concentration is precondition for being smart ” –  I replied 

“Neither do I think actively looking for a mate is very productive.  Some of my friends are so into this. 
Why get married, family and kids must to be a challenge? 
Life is not just that...life is more than that...we humans sometimes close our own possibilities to see more, explore and grow” explained the 16 year old

“What about travel, study, living the life deeply, that could be a wonderful challenge Adam, gets crosses over and finds a real challenge. 
Don´t follow traditional goals, make your own way of life...make every moment of your life something that you could remember forever.” Said I

Then he said “I believe in following my heart, excitement and living in integrity to myself. 
To be comfortable with loneliness, to be bold and open to influences. 
To make an effort developing social talents and relationship skills, and most of all; make my priorities and values clear, before going after what I think I want.”

"The challenge will present itself when the scholar is ready to meet it. The thing is that when you think you are ready – you're not. And if you wait until you feel ready, you will either wait a very long time, or you have set your ambitions too low. 
Ready or not; get moving, start stuff, live now.
 You've got this moment, everything else is uncertain. The secret is that you must not think. You will feel it, when the moment is right! I am just past the point of being uncertain and going into THE MOVE right now, life is exciting!
And remember to be kind to the most important person to be kind to: Yourself. If you want to have the energy to be present for others, you have to take care of yourself, your body and way of thinking. Kindness starts within you." said I

With a big smile he said - 'thanks mum, I better get some homework done now' and off he went.

I know in that very moment, that I have done my job with flying colours....


Monday, June 17, 2013

Approval is the currency of the mind market. I'm so broke I can't shop there any more....

Walking with Tracey and Sue this afternoon, I thought it was going to be all downhill but the first two hours were actually uphill which challenged my legs all over again. The view looking down upon the gorgeous valley below made it easy to forget the incline.

Just before we left Tracey made me pulled a card from a deck. I picked up many cities ago created by Paolo Coelho called The Way, each card offering a thought or meditation for the day.

The card I pulled advised me not to fear the criticism of others.  As I walked I reflected on that advice.

It struck me deeply just how much of my life I have detested criticism of others. I have felt its sting pierce my heart and shoot terror into my bones.

I have stood burned by its welts from people who neither understood let alone approved of my gifts of spirit and the work I do most of my life, some from those very close to me.
I have sealed myself against it by working harder, acted as though it didn't matter and trying to prove my detractors wrong.

I have secretly dislike intensely and questioned if, in the end they, those who criticized, were right after all.
And with that I criticized myself more harshly than the rest. 
I should do better. 
I should have been more aware. More 'normal' and without my second sight and deep intuition. I should have..... 
On and on and on.

I am also acutely aware of how I've flung the arrows of criticism right back at others with equal energy. I've done it out of arrogance, righteous indignation, self defence, and at the core, fear.
Fear that I wouldn't, couldn't be loved and accepted for
Simply being me.

I'm so sorry for those words now. As I walk I can feel the injury my own criticisms must have caused others. To judge another is simply insane.

The great gift of this life is that I am no longer afraid if the criticisms of others.

They will keep coming, that I know but they are never about me. They never were.

As for criticizing myself...well I will work on that one. I know I hold myself to standards and cannot allow those to ever slide.
And I won't.

But most of myself criticism is just an internalization of the crazy words and beliefs of others who don't know me at all.

As for the blah blah that my mind likes to fling at me, I can now ignore it. Of that I am now also clear I'm also feeling genuinely free of my urge to criticize.

If it comes up I shoo it away like the black flies that filled the path today. 
I pray for us all. 
We are all such beautiful beings underneath it all and with nothing to criticize and everything to appreciate.

My vulnerability, releasing, realizing and truly being just like everyone; a vibrant beautiful soul sharing a human experience....


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fortunately or unfortunately, that goes for all of us....

The truth is not what anyone tells me it is. 
It is what I know it to be.
Another mouth mouthing 
"This is how it is" or 
"This is what I know about you" can only speak from an interpretation, and not from any direct experience, of my life.

The "us", what is that? 

I know what the word means, but this is the only experience I can honestly speak for.

Can you speak for other people and if so, who and would they be able to confirm your accuracy? 

That would be fascinating.

I would love to hear how it is possible for someone else to speak for another because it seems impossible to me.

I know it could appear I am being an idiot, but that is the furthest thing from my intention. I am sincerely curious because I hear a person say things like "we" and "us" and "them" and I have no experience of that being possible.

"When I wrote "us" what I was thinking was how every human being can say to another "The truth is not what anyone tells me it is. It is what I know it to be. Another mouth mouthing "This is how it is" or "This is what I know about you" can only speak from an interpretation, and not from any direct experience, of my life." is all. I know that's how I feel." said Gina

It is quite possible there is a person on earth who can speak for another with total accuracy. I am open to it. I just don't know how it could be; said I

"When I became more aware of this and began speaking only of my own experience, my mum described me as one of the most self-centred people she knew. She could be right. How would I know?" - responded Rose.

Maybe I was actually looking in the mirror and seeing myself and what do I think? Are you self centred sometimes, I know I am sometimes.

Is there a way to not be self-cantered?

If I put my attention on to you, I am putting my attention on to what I think your "self" is. This doesn't solve the problem of being self-cantered; it just changes the supposed self that benefits from the attention.

Perhaps the language could be changed to:
Personality-cantered, to delineate the story that gets the attention.

My story is what I focus on because it is the one I actually have a little say in.

It appears there is only one self in seven billion bodies, each with a personality story. Since any story ends up not being true, who gives a shit if I focus on you or me? 
Neither one is really that big of a deal.

Since it is easier to eat the food I have access to, I focus on me.

The thing that appears most useful in pondering is the end of true selfishness, which wants others to focus on me. 

I will focus on me, you will focus on you, and mutual benefits between you and I will create an honest world.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Yes, ego is automatic and compulsive, unconscious...

Let's be honest, we like our egos, and the ego is important...I have found that the best way to deal with the ego is to LOVE it to death. 

The ego loves the whole spiritual game. 
It even enjoys the thought of its own "death". 
Ego loves spiritual drama. 

Who is the one that "loves the ego to death"? 
It is a big game, no? 
Is it not the so-called ego that that thinks it is the lover? 

If the ego is an unnecessary defence mechanism you can rely on it to engage in all kinds of hanky panky to preserve itself including the thought that it doesn't exist and that just has to be realized, or the thought that it does exist and must be annihilated. 
It is all a distraction. 

Who is it that pays attention to the ego and who is it that wants to be spiritual? Who is it that wants to be free?

Ego may understand its own futility and be silent, and then there is space for the other.

What we call ego is a moment of spasm like a panic attack, the content of thought motivated by a compulsive quality of it contraction, to give it identity makes no sense. 

It is obscuring fear that wraps in upon it. 
It isn't a person. 

Thinking sometimes sits at the table of consciousness, but that doesn't make it conscious.

We act as egos out of compulsive unconscious movements of the conditioning, past, program we have input in our brains. 

The serial killer or the general are a result of that human conditioning, that’s what I call ego. It has a sense of ‘I’ in it. 
When we are aware of that, we maybe change and are free from it.


Friday, June 14, 2013

Yet another undesirable byproduct of 'if'....

Q: Do you experience regret? 

Any time I start to complain about what I didn't do in the past, I just slap myself in the face and say, 
"What the fuck are you thinking!? Where is the time machine, dip shit?!" 

This tends to produce a chunk of laughter and an 
"Oh yeah. I'm so silly." 
I don't regret this kind reminder because it is the fastest way I know of to get right through that enthusiasm-sucking line of thinking. 
Slap! Slap! "Come on, fool!" 

This also tends to bring attention to the immediate sensation of "stinging", which makes it tough to remember the thing I wish I could go back and re-try.

I find regret is the fear of the current situation. 

Anything I wish I could have done differently would only be lingering in the field because there is resistance to the way things are at present. 
This resistance costs the opposite of regret, which is some version of greatitude *__^

The time and energy spent hoping there is a way to squeeze a do-over out of the past is like donating money to a cemetery. 

There is no Time Machine. I don't get another shot at what I did. I do, however, get a shot at what I can do today.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Children are actually ignorant little beasts for the most part. Worth the respect, but not worth the idolatry.

Something is off about modern society and it is the absolutely ridiculous notion of the fragility of children's minds. Teach them about what people really do here and how life is fucking tough and how everything is made using reason and imagination and I bet the future they create will be legendary.

The irony is that children can usually take more than parents can. They are starving for authentic interaction - starving! Kids are constantly shifting between being demons and angels... like all of us but uncensored.

""Don't quote the living"", and I'll stop quoting the dead..or we can just both quote what we like makes no odds either way.

Children are not frail until adults transmit that vibe to them. I remember very clearly knowing I was perfect until society convinced me otherwise.

Children are not fragile; our culture is yucko for kids in my opinion. I'm doing my part to educate the child I conceived, birthed and am living with.
We don't even need to label it "tough"; it's just here it is, this is how it works.

There is no valence to life, it's just this and to stop with the constant push to "be something when you grow up"...as if growing up is the point, and to stop numbing the kids to nature and the natural world through too much screen time, TV and games.

My hope is to see how literally choosing to feel how you want to feel every single moment and how what you feel can't touch what you are and how what you are can't be fucked with.
And what you are is not lonely, unhappy and bored.

What you are is life itself.

Have you ever noticed when you're playing some dumb made up game with your kids, and suddenly they realise they're not winning, they make up some rule; just pull it out of thin air so they can regain the upper hand?

It’s a shame, but mostly the grownups carry on with this tactic...but as for the point of fragility, only in body...in mind they are just as robust as most adults..Sometimes more.

Kids have super bull shit detectors and know the truth in them and minds no matter what drivel adults feed them.

It's a bona fide sickness we actively inculcate in our kids...but they have excellent bull shit filters for the very reason that they're not all clogged up with outgoing bull shit, like their older counterparts. The occasional nod and a wink of validation from a trusted adult let them know they're not nuts...or at least no more than anybody else.

We tend to think in extremes. Perhaps the suggestion is to simply lean back a little on trying to "protect" children so much... but that is not to say that we should resort to the other extreme of "pushing things in their face."
Black or white thinking is so common!

When you start a statement with "I don't agree" you're implying that it's about agreement or disagreement. But not all exchanges have to be about that.
We can just share perspectives without the agreeing disagreeing... we can just put our thoughts together.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

No one's words can replace the authority of my heart. This mouth opens and spiders crawl out. Tangled in the webs of thought, God so kindly hands me the scissors.

And we cut the cord, float away from the shore, until we are so far gone, there is no land to bind to.

God is real. It is so clear now. 

The smokescreen of awareness is the most enticing of the distractions used to keep us from surrendering to Him. 

I know this sounds nuts, and I am as baffled as anyone could be that these words leave my mouth, but I cannot tell you how clear it is. Crystal.



Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Absolutely impossible except perhaps in the beautiful creation of mind

I either believe in freedom or I do not, and this includes your freedom to be irrational. 
In fact, if I believe in freedom as a value, I champion your right to be irrational. 
This doesn't mean I have to admire it.

Life is a big addition and subtraction problem pages and pages long that equals zero.

There is no way to make a mistake in this world. 
What happens, happens...obviously. 

The world is never lying to you. 
It is always telling the truth as it is always just what it is.
It's this, obviously.

Nothing is missing. It's impossible. 
The universe is never lying to you. Here it all is, just like this. 
When I stop desiring more and better, I am left with heaven.

All the wise words in the world fall apart in the face of actual life. 
How beautiful living isn't dependent on anything that is said about it. 
How amazing we are an experience and not a thought.

Problems or solutions. 
That's all there is to focus on here. 
When I focus on problems, there aren't any solutions. 
When I focus on solutions, there aren't any problems.

It is impossible for me to crawl into your mind and make you believe your thoughts.

Absolutely impossible.

An attempt at depth is not depth, stay shallow and tell me what you really think.

You have influenced your life. You just choose to use me, him, her, them they as a stimulus.....


Monday, June 10, 2013

"We dance around in a ring and suppose, the Secret sits in the middle and knows."

There is no one doing Living.
There is no one here.
Living is the only thing there is. It is this and it isn't happening to anyone separate from it. The idea of there being a separate person is a dream happening to no one.
Everything/Nothing is all there is.

Nothing is separate from reading this.
No one is reading.
Reading is happening. 
No one is doing anything. 
It is all being done, and nothing is happening.
The "I" thought is a dream the Universe is having.

Frustration happens.
It appears it happens TO some separate individual, separate from the tides or the melting point or even the frustration,
i.e. "This 'I' has this 'frustration' about this 'situation', but this is just a dream the Universe is having.
"This has This about This."
This is all there is.

Worrying about the chicken soup happens. 
Wanting to be liked happens. 
Caring happens. 
Ripping a scab off the old wound happens. 
Splashing cold water in the eye happens. 
Laughing at thought happens. 
Everything happens to no one. 

Clear sight happens to no one. 
Unclear sight happens to no one. 
There is no mistake in the Universe because there is only the Universe. 
There is a dream of This and That. 
Nothing wakes up to This. 


The Universe laughs and Nothing hears it.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pretending to have answers is standard content in what THIS is; In the absence of any doers, that's comedy in THIS fantasy called "reality.

When you are young, it is tempting to think that you have all the answers.

Then you grow, and you suffer, and bit by bit, life chisels away at your defence mechanisms, and your certainties, and you start to doubt everything you once were sure of. 

Faced with the impermanence of things, you may even reach a point of total disillusionment - with yourself, with the world, with your belief systems, with your relationships, with your career, with everything you once took for granted.

This disillusionment, this breaking down of illusions, can lead either to a lifetime of depression, fear and a bitter shutting-off from life, or - when listened to - it can become a portal to liberation, to the letting go of the false, and the discovery of the truth of who we really are.

I love it when people come to me in "crisis", totally disillusioned with their lives. I always see it as a new beginning for them, an invitation to a life beyond illusions, to a life of deep rest and true connection. 

I meet them exactly where they are.

The word "crisis" does not actually mean "disaster", but "turning point". 

Let us turn towards disillusionment, and hear its deeper call.


Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Who-by What?

The personality is a momentum, like the body.

I can enjoy the quips and quibbles of how I happen to be without taking it personally.

To do so is the beginning and the end of self-love.

As one grows daily it takes time to catch up. 

People tend to be "creatures of habit" which is why our own actions can surprise us at times. 

Loving ourselves through these moments of unpredictability is beautiful, no matter how embarrassing it may feel. 

To laugh, love, and not being afraid to apologize is OK, instead of feeling uncomfortable or awkward, give yourself a break. 

It's all good.


All actions are judged by the motives that cause them. Search your heart and make sure your intentions are honourable, and then you can have confidence in your actions.

Friday, June 7, 2013

It’s so simple when you put it that way...and yet...and yet!!!

We are the source of happiness, contentment, bliss, and euphoria.

When we go looking for joy "Out There" in some person, object, or situation, we immediately deny the truth of already having it.

We are always the joy we are seeking.

We are the peace we want.

When we stop looking for it, we return to the only place it could ever be found...right here, right now, as this one-of-kind human being.

The "and yet" is where the juice is.

The beauty is we get to keep learning the same lessons over and over until we actually see there is no solution anywhere in this world.

Then we are left with the last place it could be...right here, as this simple one we are.
And be happy, just to be.... yes...simply happy to be.

When you make something beautiful, it stays with you even after it is gone.

If you find yourself in a negative situation with someone in your life, take a few minutes each day to feel love within your heart for that person, and then send it out into the Universe. 
Just doing this one thing helps to remove any resentment, anger, or negativity you might have towards that person.

Remember that feeling resentment, anger, or any negative emotion attracts it back to you, and feeling love attracts love back to you. 
What you are feeling for another, you are bringing to you.

As you map out your journey to success, there will be areas you are unfamiliar with. 

Persevere - you will be rewarded with awareness. Once you reach a higher level of awareness, you don't go back.


Thursday, June 6, 2013

The body knows exactly what it needs.

A child runs when it wants to,
sings  when it wants to,
sleeps  when it wants to, and
never  thinks it SHOULD eat broccoli when it doesn't naturally want to.

On the other side of "I am doing this," is an expression unfolding as naturally as a bird wing, a sandstorm or a chicken sandwich.

No one is doing any of this because nothing is here other than Living.

Learning to listen has less to do with listening and a lot more to do with trusting what is heard. 

The question is what is the difference between noise we ignore and information we accept? 
Where is that line and how do we know when we reach it? 

Self-acceleration is ridiculous or it's impossible ugh

There is no such thing as teaching. 

Talking happens, 
listening happens, and 
agreeing or disagreeing happens. 

To think anyone can get into a mind and MAKE it think anything is to ignore physiological facts. 

How wonderful the world is full of students who can only teach themselves.

Nothing is happening. 
It appears something is, but it is just an appearance. 

Nothing is here separate from everything, including these words. 


Take nothing, apply it to nothing, and what appears to be something disappears, and nothing is left. 

It's already all there is. 

The appearance is a dream the universe is having. There is nothing separate from the Universe. There is only God, and this is it, obviously. A chicken sandwich is eternal happiness.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Q: How do you deal with disliking someone ???


No one can make me focus on the person I don't like, right? 

I have to do that. 
I have to take my mental energy and spotlight them as something that is wrong with reality. 
I could do anything else I can think of and this is what I think of to do. 

Now, let's say I catch myself doing this. 
I judge someone and then I judge me for judging them. 
I get some version of, "Oh, here I am judging something I can't control for being out of my control. Well, that's stupid of me. I must be a deep shit or something." 

However, the joke is I am also out of control and just as in need of my approval as anyone I could try to lend it to. 
Leans aside and whispers, 
"Turns out everyone already has there own . When it comes to loving me, I do the loving part and me does the me part."

I sit here and the entire universe is As Is. 

It's just the way it is. 
This is it.

If I dislike something, I don't give it any energy. 

I dislike the idea of murdering someone so I don't give it any attention. 
I dislike the idea of raping someone so I don't give it any attention. 
I dislike the idea of lying to myself so I don't give it any attention. 

I am learning here. 
I am totally alive as the thing that either dies or cannot die. 
Either way, it appears here As Is.

I walk away from people I no longer want to hear from for whatever reason I decide. I don't have to justify that to anyone and I don't hate those people.

 I just don't want to encounter those kind of thoughts. I can cradle them in the bosom of my heart and know they are loved and also walk away from them when they appear. 

I am one of the things that is out of control. 
Liking and disliking are on autopilot.

When I just follow the flow, rather than jam up the works with 
"This shouldn't be this way," 
then I say 
"yes" and "no" naturally, 
without shame or fear that I am going to disappoint other. 
Other doesn't need me. I need me. I am the one here living this love.

Accepting the way things are does not mean forcing myself in any way. 

It means I flow following the felt sense of self-respect. 
It is that living feeling I have heard some people call, "suffering and love." 
It's a feeling though. No amount of description can alter it. 
It is this thing, this completely capable universe happening on the fly.

This is that flow. 

WET is the only option. 
It's just whether or not I am open to losing the towel of resistance. The pain of resisting the flow of reality costs only everything I could be. 
Acceptance is no longer blaming no one for no thing. 
My life is not personal and my only hope for peace is to  this, As Is.

I wrote this a few months ago, I thought I'll share it tonight.

There is no champion of existence; only entertainment. I can't win a contest without human beings and I can't win being alive no matter what I try to do. I got the medal in my hand.
I already one.
I won when I squeezed through that birth canal and entered LIFE. What you do thereafter is icing on the soul cake. *__*