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Friday, June 14, 2013

Yet another undesirable byproduct of 'if'....

Q: Do you experience regret? 

Any time I start to complain about what I didn't do in the past, I just slap myself in the face and say, 
"What the fuck are you thinking!? Where is the time machine, dip shit?!" 

This tends to produce a chunk of laughter and an 
"Oh yeah. I'm so silly." 
I don't regret this kind reminder because it is the fastest way I know of to get right through that enthusiasm-sucking line of thinking. 
Slap! Slap! "Come on, fool!" 

This also tends to bring attention to the immediate sensation of "stinging", which makes it tough to remember the thing I wish I could go back and re-try.

I find regret is the fear of the current situation. 

Anything I wish I could have done differently would only be lingering in the field because there is resistance to the way things are at present. 
This resistance costs the opposite of regret, which is some version of greatitude *__^

The time and energy spent hoping there is a way to squeeze a do-over out of the past is like donating money to a cemetery. 

There is no Time Machine. I don't get another shot at what I did. I do, however, get a shot at what I can do today.