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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished....• Lao Tzu

I was down with a terrible cold and was in bed most of the day. 

After his afternoon tea, Adam came into our bedroom and sat beside me to see if I am OK. He knows I don't normally sleeps during the day unless I am really sick. He then began....

“Mum, is it possible, that my attention is very - maybe a little too much - self concentrated?  What do you think????”  - asked Adam my 16 year old

“Could be, I also believe that you are a decent young man who respects people and adds value to their lives. The more clarity and awareness you hold, the more you can contribute. So maybe this self concentration is precondition for being smart ” –  I replied 

“Neither do I think actively looking for a mate is very productive.  Some of my friends are so into this. 
Why get married, family and kids must to be a challenge? 
Life is not just that...life is more than that...we humans sometimes close our own possibilities to see more, explore and grow” explained the 16 year old

“What about travel, study, living the life deeply, that could be a wonderful challenge Adam, gets crosses over and finds a real challenge. 
Don´t follow traditional goals, make your own way of life...make every moment of your life something that you could remember forever.” Said I

Then he said “I believe in following my heart, excitement and living in integrity to myself. 
To be comfortable with loneliness, to be bold and open to influences. 
To make an effort developing social talents and relationship skills, and most of all; make my priorities and values clear, before going after what I think I want.”

"The challenge will present itself when the scholar is ready to meet it. The thing is that when you think you are ready – you're not. And if you wait until you feel ready, you will either wait a very long time, or you have set your ambitions too low. 
Ready or not; get moving, start stuff, live now.
 You've got this moment, everything else is uncertain. The secret is that you must not think. You will feel it, when the moment is right! I am just past the point of being uncertain and going into THE MOVE right now, life is exciting!
And remember to be kind to the most important person to be kind to: Yourself. If you want to have the energy to be present for others, you have to take care of yourself, your body and way of thinking. Kindness starts within you." said I

With a big smile he said - 'thanks mum, I better get some homework done now' and off he went.

I know in that very moment, that I have done my job with flying colours....