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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Yes, ego is automatic and compulsive, unconscious...

Let's be honest, we like our egos, and the ego is important...I have found that the best way to deal with the ego is to LOVE it to death. 

The ego loves the whole spiritual game. 
It even enjoys the thought of its own "death". 
Ego loves spiritual drama. 

Who is the one that "loves the ego to death"? 
It is a big game, no? 
Is it not the so-called ego that that thinks it is the lover? 

If the ego is an unnecessary defence mechanism you can rely on it to engage in all kinds of hanky panky to preserve itself including the thought that it doesn't exist and that just has to be realized, or the thought that it does exist and must be annihilated. 
It is all a distraction. 

Who is it that pays attention to the ego and who is it that wants to be spiritual? Who is it that wants to be free?

Ego may understand its own futility and be silent, and then there is space for the other.

What we call ego is a moment of spasm like a panic attack, the content of thought motivated by a compulsive quality of it contraction, to give it identity makes no sense. 

It is obscuring fear that wraps in upon it. 
It isn't a person. 

Thinking sometimes sits at the table of consciousness, but that doesn't make it conscious.

We act as egos out of compulsive unconscious movements of the conditioning, past, program we have input in our brains. 

The serial killer or the general are a result of that human conditioning, that’s what I call ego. It has a sense of ‘I’ in it. 
When we are aware of that, we maybe change and are free from it.