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Monday, June 10, 2013

"We dance around in a ring and suppose, the Secret sits in the middle and knows."

There is no one doing Living.
There is no one here.
Living is the only thing there is. It is this and it isn't happening to anyone separate from it. The idea of there being a separate person is a dream happening to no one.
Everything/Nothing is all there is.

Nothing is separate from reading this.
No one is reading.
Reading is happening. 
No one is doing anything. 
It is all being done, and nothing is happening.
The "I" thought is a dream the Universe is having.

Frustration happens.
It appears it happens TO some separate individual, separate from the tides or the melting point or even the frustration,
i.e. "This 'I' has this 'frustration' about this 'situation', but this is just a dream the Universe is having.
"This has This about This."
This is all there is.

Worrying about the chicken soup happens. 
Wanting to be liked happens. 
Caring happens. 
Ripping a scab off the old wound happens. 
Splashing cold water in the eye happens. 
Laughing at thought happens. 
Everything happens to no one. 

Clear sight happens to no one. 
Unclear sight happens to no one. 
There is no mistake in the Universe because there is only the Universe. 
There is a dream of This and That. 
Nothing wakes up to This. 


The Universe laughs and Nothing hears it.