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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Think, feel and show up in the world accordingly.

I believe that health, success, and good relationships are a result of how we view ourselves. From there it's a positive feedback loop.
Unfortunately people very often tend to see things the way they want, not the way they should or how they truly are. 
There´s the only ways out believe in you because you know who you truly are, do something positive because this is that matters, and don´t ignore experience, useful advice.

There's no need to state the obvious? 

You need to state it all the time.
You are Significant!

We seem to become what we feel ourselves worthy of being, and "a hard time" does not equal "impossible". I also believe that sometimes there can be little or no choice in perception.

Do what works for you.

It's the idea of choosing what fits in your life, what works for you and your body, rather than what a religion, government, social group or club or any other "organization" tells you is right or wrong.

It's the epitome of being undefined! ALL definitions are boxes of limitation. 

"It's this, but not that." "
I'M this and this and this, but, oh, definitely never THAT!"

Definitions create limitation on what you can receive because you are stating that you're not willing to know, have, experience, perceive or receive anything outside of the boxes you created.
Pssst...Those cosy little boxes????
They're called "coffins."

LIVE while you're in a body! Explore! Adventure! Drop judgements and enjoy all the things "Well, I would never...” just my friendly big perspective.

Open up and tune in...