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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Q: How do you deal with disliking someone ???


No one can make me focus on the person I don't like, right? 

I have to do that. 
I have to take my mental energy and spotlight them as something that is wrong with reality. 
I could do anything else I can think of and this is what I think of to do. 

Now, let's say I catch myself doing this. 
I judge someone and then I judge me for judging them. 
I get some version of, "Oh, here I am judging something I can't control for being out of my control. Well, that's stupid of me. I must be a deep shit or something." 

However, the joke is I am also out of control and just as in need of my approval as anyone I could try to lend it to. 
Leans aside and whispers, 
"Turns out everyone already has there own . When it comes to loving me, I do the loving part and me does the me part."

I sit here and the entire universe is As Is. 

It's just the way it is. 
This is it.

If I dislike something, I don't give it any energy. 

I dislike the idea of murdering someone so I don't give it any attention. 
I dislike the idea of raping someone so I don't give it any attention. 
I dislike the idea of lying to myself so I don't give it any attention. 

I am learning here. 
I am totally alive as the thing that either dies or cannot die. 
Either way, it appears here As Is.

I walk away from people I no longer want to hear from for whatever reason I decide. I don't have to justify that to anyone and I don't hate those people.

 I just don't want to encounter those kind of thoughts. I can cradle them in the bosom of my heart and know they are loved and also walk away from them when they appear. 

I am one of the things that is out of control. 
Liking and disliking are on autopilot.

When I just follow the flow, rather than jam up the works with 
"This shouldn't be this way," 
then I say 
"yes" and "no" naturally, 
without shame or fear that I am going to disappoint other. 
Other doesn't need me. I need me. I am the one here living this love.

Accepting the way things are does not mean forcing myself in any way. 

It means I flow following the felt sense of self-respect. 
It is that living feeling I have heard some people call, "suffering and love." 
It's a feeling though. No amount of description can alter it. 
It is this thing, this completely capable universe happening on the fly.

This is that flow. 

WET is the only option. 
It's just whether or not I am open to losing the towel of resistance. The pain of resisting the flow of reality costs only everything I could be. 
Acceptance is no longer blaming no one for no thing. 
My life is not personal and my only hope for peace is to  this, As Is.

I wrote this a few months ago, I thought I'll share it tonight.

There is no champion of existence; only entertainment. I can't win a contest without human beings and I can't win being alive no matter what I try to do. I got the medal in my hand.
I already one.
I won when I squeezed through that birth canal and entered LIFE. What you do thereafter is icing on the soul cake. *__*