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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Children are actually ignorant little beasts for the most part. Worth the respect, but not worth the idolatry.

Something is off about modern society and it is the absolutely ridiculous notion of the fragility of children's minds. Teach them about what people really do here and how life is fucking tough and how everything is made using reason and imagination and I bet the future they create will be legendary.

The irony is that children can usually take more than parents can. They are starving for authentic interaction - starving! Kids are constantly shifting between being demons and angels... like all of us but uncensored.

""Don't quote the living"", and I'll stop quoting the dead..or we can just both quote what we like makes no odds either way.

Children are not frail until adults transmit that vibe to them. I remember very clearly knowing I was perfect until society convinced me otherwise.

Children are not fragile; our culture is yucko for kids in my opinion. I'm doing my part to educate the child I conceived, birthed and am living with.
We don't even need to label it "tough"; it's just here it is, this is how it works.

There is no valence to life, it's just this and to stop with the constant push to "be something when you grow up"...as if growing up is the point, and to stop numbing the kids to nature and the natural world through too much screen time, TV and games.

My hope is to see how literally choosing to feel how you want to feel every single moment and how what you feel can't touch what you are and how what you are can't be fucked with.
And what you are is not lonely, unhappy and bored.

What you are is life itself.

Have you ever noticed when you're playing some dumb made up game with your kids, and suddenly they realise they're not winning, they make up some rule; just pull it out of thin air so they can regain the upper hand?

It’s a shame, but mostly the grownups carry on with this tactic...but as for the point of fragility, only in body...in mind they are just as robust as most adults..Sometimes more.

Kids have super bull shit detectors and know the truth in them and minds no matter what drivel adults feed them.

It's a bona fide sickness we actively inculcate in our kids...but they have excellent bull shit filters for the very reason that they're not all clogged up with outgoing bull shit, like their older counterparts. The occasional nod and a wink of validation from a trusted adult let them know they're not nuts...or at least no more than anybody else.

We tend to think in extremes. Perhaps the suggestion is to simply lean back a little on trying to "protect" children so much... but that is not to say that we should resort to the other extreme of "pushing things in their face."
Black or white thinking is so common!

When you start a statement with "I don't agree" you're implying that it's about agreement or disagreement. But not all exchanges have to be about that.
We can just share perspectives without the agreeing disagreeing... we can just put our thoughts together.