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Friday, June 21, 2013

Hell yeah! Freedom is seeing it was always free to see.

While it appears there are possibilities, there is never more than one.

The one carried out is the only one there ever was.

The mind appears to weigh options. This is only an appearance. Reality is what actually is. The appearance of having been able to choose otherwise is a lie.

It appears like the possibility arose through a channel of options, but this is just an appearance.

Even as you play with intentionality, whatever arises is inevitable.

It is silly to say it like, "It's always what was going to happen," since it all happens Now but the flavour of it tastes like that.

This mind holding different thought possibilities appears to be able to steer the experiencing in a particular direction. This is just an appearance, much like the sense of a separate "I".

The beauty is none of this changes how Living Lives.

In the same way it feels like a separate someone is here until it doesn't, it feels like options exist until it doesn't.