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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Absolutely impossible except perhaps in the beautiful creation of mind

I either believe in freedom or I do not, and this includes your freedom to be irrational. 
In fact, if I believe in freedom as a value, I champion your right to be irrational. 
This doesn't mean I have to admire it.

Life is a big addition and subtraction problem pages and pages long that equals zero.

There is no way to make a mistake in this world. 
What happens, happens...obviously. 

The world is never lying to you. 
It is always telling the truth as it is always just what it is.
It's this, obviously.

Nothing is missing. It's impossible. 
The universe is never lying to you. Here it all is, just like this. 
When I stop desiring more and better, I am left with heaven.

All the wise words in the world fall apart in the face of actual life. 
How beautiful living isn't dependent on anything that is said about it. 
How amazing we are an experience and not a thought.

Problems or solutions. 
That's all there is to focus on here. 
When I focus on problems, there aren't any solutions. 
When I focus on solutions, there aren't any problems.

It is impossible for me to crawl into your mind and make you believe your thoughts.

Absolutely impossible.

An attempt at depth is not depth, stay shallow and tell me what you really think.

You have influenced your life. You just choose to use me, him, her, them they as a stimulus.....