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Thursday, June 6, 2013

The body knows exactly what it needs.

A child runs when it wants to,
sings  when it wants to,
sleeps  when it wants to, and
never  thinks it SHOULD eat broccoli when it doesn't naturally want to.

On the other side of "I am doing this," is an expression unfolding as naturally as a bird wing, a sandstorm or a chicken sandwich.

No one is doing any of this because nothing is here other than Living.

Learning to listen has less to do with listening and a lot more to do with trusting what is heard. 

The question is what is the difference between noise we ignore and information we accept? 
Where is that line and how do we know when we reach it? 

Self-acceleration is ridiculous or it's impossible ugh

There is no such thing as teaching. 

Talking happens, 
listening happens, and 
agreeing or disagreeing happens. 

To think anyone can get into a mind and MAKE it think anything is to ignore physiological facts. 

How wonderful the world is full of students who can only teach themselves.

Nothing is happening. 
It appears something is, but it is just an appearance. 

Nothing is here separate from everything, including these words. 


Take nothing, apply it to nothing, and what appears to be something disappears, and nothing is left. 

It's already all there is. 

The appearance is a dream the universe is having. There is nothing separate from the Universe. There is only God, and this is it, obviously. A chicken sandwich is eternal happiness.