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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Communication always fails, but by chance.

It's a great thing to know.

There is nothing I can do to avoid being misinterpreted. The listener has no choice but to hear what I say through the filter of their own preferences. 
If I want to be clear, I have to be patient with the impossibility of communication.

Well, there is something you can do that might at times help to avoid being misinterpreted, and that is to be as clear as you possibly can about what it is you intend to communicate – commented Murray.

Interestingly how sometimes our extensive vocabulary can limit us from the simplicity of the message we wish to convey.

Speech is outmoded.

I am amazed whenever it appears communication has been understood. A miracle of patience. Sometimes I am so enjoying the interaction and then they say something that reveals you did not understand each other at all. 
Often it’s good just to smile and nod. 

Even silence gets interpreted through as many filters as people on earth! 

Who knows how my heartbeat sounds to the ears of those who wish to come closer! 

It's hard enough for me, at times, trying not to misinterpret my own words, silence, gestures, feelings, body signs... and then doing my best to express all of that as clearly and kindly as I can. 
I can only sympathize with those who might want to make the effort to communicate and trust that what really matters will somehow eventually get through...