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Monday, June 3, 2013


If there is anything to get used to on the path, it is repetition of pattern. Like turtles, we stick our head out until it becomes too uncomfortable, and then retreat to the safety of our shells. 
The time we spend inside can be just what we need to assimilate new ways of being. So long as we stick our head back out a little further each time, we continue to grow. 
Three steps forward, two steps back, is still progress.

We have to try to close the gap between the worlds as it is and the world as it ought to be. This is the work of all spiritual warriors- to clear the path of debris, to infuse the path with so much light that others can find their way home.

Our inner world is soul art, our lives its canvas. Like true artists, we have to find that delicate balance between wilfulness and surrender when to act, when to still. 
We have to allow our form to change as intuition demands. 
Home is where the art is. 
Chaotic Magnificence!

Today I honour "the little voice that knows" in this little woman I am, the voice inside that carries a karmic blueprint for our destiny, whispering sweet something’s in our inner ear when we walk a false path. 
Although it may come through in hints and whispers, it has an odd sense of authority to it, like a distant flute with the energy of a symphony, a truth ache calling you home. 
Praises to the little voice that knows...

Quietly listening, becoming familiar to the sounds of my inner voice, finding it is strengthen and filling me up, giving me a sense of "being" in the world and not of it. 
It’s a moment by moment thing.