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Monday, July 31, 2017

Being in motion is where I find wellbeing and connection. I've realized a few major things about my life plans.

My travels now are in a way research. I’m okay with not achieving anything grand, not having a huge impact on others, building my own company or working for a notable cause.
Contributing to the change of consciousness is found in the details; notice the details and the space in between.
My most cherished mood is feeling Safe; feeling safe physically, emotionally, free from worry about plans/choices/FOMO, finances, health, connections, commitments, relationships – while being able to support the people I love and the things I do.

I had lofty ideas 10 years ago, but now I understand that life resides in the everyday little things. It’s all there; everything you want and need.

Do hang around for the next dip into the valley of darkness, because it will come. Such are the waves and seasons.
In retrospect, I see much wisdom gained from that contrast; the crashes, isolation, escapism, destructive behaviour and long nights.

Those sunny days where Unicorns and Care Bears dance boogie on fluffy clouds are soothing and look good on Instagram posts, but I’ll take both.

I want both, because that’s what a good life adventure is all about.

Be sure to appreciate what you've got before it becomes what You had. Gratitude applies to everyone and everything in our lives so be sure that your Attitude is one of Gratitude. None of us know for sure when our number is up, so be grateful every day for all those in your life.


Sunday, July 30, 2017

If you’re standing on a nail, you don’t take painkillers and keep standing on the nail. You remove your foot from the nail.

The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else's highlight reel.

Tarzan analogy

You will swing from vine to vine. There will never be one vine to take you all the way through the jungle.

Choose one that swings in the desired direction and hold on to the best of your ability. Remember to let go and leap for the next, otherwise you will not move along.

If one breaks (and they will) climb up the tree again. There are many paths.

Don’t have one, can't find one? Make one.

You probably won’t become wise and filled with abundant life experiences by sitting on the couch at home.

Take a walk, outside.

When looking in the mirror, I no more evaluate if I look cool, athletic, super-fit, lean or ‘right’. I now only ponder; do I look healthy and at ease?

Look at your eyes and skin, your mood. Choose to be healthy and at ease. Be Happy is Be Real.

Everything you see belongs to you, without exception.

There are many subtle ways people control each other in conversation. Fun to look at...

Seems to me that human "relationships" are about manipulation in general. Seems everybody wants something from each other.

1. What do I want?

2. What am I using it for?

3. Why do I care?

Nothing has ever worked for me more than these three little questions.

Those are great questions.  The answers can be nuts, for me it is crazy clarifying...

Because then I realize I am one of those uses for just anybody else who would ever consider me at all...

That’s so equalizing... or really needed.  I don't like being needed.

Need seems a farce because I die right now and no one actually has a problem, just a little boo-hoo if at all.....so I would bet if you look, you fear being useless.

I am useless and it doesn't bother me....that am the only “credential" I have for saying that. I don't know the idea of being useless sounds relaxing.

It's easy to see if you're sensitive observer. The person being brutally honest and direct is still only coming from their own perspective.
Social niceties are appreciated by those with sensitive feelings. I'm glad I'm empathic because I can read between the lines, sense what's beneath the words but still have compassion for our shared humanity and allow for people to not know how to be clear or direct or speak nicely when they do. So many layers of conditioning fear and need to sift thru for many of us.
Empathy is how you win....
If you are not empathic, people decide what you are...
If you are empathic, people decide what you are,
but you made them think it was their idea...

The belief in their supremacy runs deep. When we convince ourselves of their standard, the outcome is always dysfunction…… these self loathing zombies dare to be cloaked in glorious melanin

Thursday, July 27, 2017

However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. • Stephen Hawking

We all have a million things we are not good at. Some things we do better than average and a precious few we both love and excel in doing.
That’s your sweet spot.
If having to make the choice between improving my weaknesses or doubling down on my unique strengths, I will in most cases go full-in on my strengths.
You might be considering someone close to you and think “not sure about this one, because Mr. Annoying or Miss Clueless should really improve other aspects of their personality or skill set”.
And you’re right, there is no simple black & white answer.
I would just suggest today to consider my approach, because your lesser qualities will always be there. No one really cares or notices if you have become 7% better at this or that.
People will however notice and value what you consistently are good at.
Excellent performance, be it in social dynamics, a job or interest, your own habits and behaviors, painting or parenting – will provide you leverage and with leverage your weaknesses become more irrelevant.
While being self-aware and kind, try a more fuck this-attitude and go for your Magic Sauce.

Because your Magic Sauce is what makes you... You.

There is always something to be grateful for in your days.
When you adopt an attitude of Gratitude it's easier to see things clearly and realise that we don't have such a bad life. 

Remember there are millions of people who would love your life.

love light and peace