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Monday, July 31, 2017

Being in motion is where I find wellbeing and connection. I've realized a few major things about my life plans.

My travels now are in a way research. I’m okay with not achieving anything grand, not having a huge impact on others, building my own company or working for a notable cause.
Contributing to the change of consciousness is found in the details; notice the details and the space in between.
My most cherished mood is feeling Safe; feeling safe physically, emotionally, free from worry about plans/choices/FOMO, finances, health, connections, commitments, relationships – while being able to support the people I love and the things I do.

I had lofty ideas 10 years ago, but now I understand that life resides in the everyday little things. It’s all there; everything you want and need.

Do hang around for the next dip into the valley of darkness, because it will come. Such are the waves and seasons.
In retrospect, I see much wisdom gained from that contrast; the crashes, isolation, escapism, destructive behaviour and long nights.

Those sunny days where Unicorns and Care Bears dance boogie on fluffy clouds are soothing and look good on Instagram posts, but I’ll take both.

I want both, because that’s what a good life adventure is all about.

Be sure to appreciate what you've got before it becomes what You had. Gratitude applies to everyone and everything in our lives so be sure that your Attitude is one of Gratitude. None of us know for sure when our number is up, so be grateful every day for all those in your life.