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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

What makes you feel strong, powerful, wise, beautiful, kind, courageous, abundant, healthy, adventurous, joyful, safe, loving, open, social and curious of what’s to come?

One common theme is that quality of life is closely related to your sense of connection, community and belonging, your focus on contribution helping others.

I currently have clarity but inaction that makes no sense, only reason can be fear.

That’s actually the default outcome; everything does turn out okay, at least to the level of you being able to make another choice and move on.
That is a tall order to feel simultaneously, but I believe it’s both possible and already the truth deep inside you.

But psychological fear is only a colourful product of the mind. Think about the amount of times you have been worried and things turned out alright.
Why would you hold on to something that does not serve you? As Yoda said: Train yourself to let go... of everything you fear to lose.

I like to remind myself that logic is over-rated as well.

Fear; self-doubt are the great roadblocks of our time some would say.  When we figure out how to overcome fear; self-doubt ... All our dreams will come true. BUT even with no fear and excellent self-confidence you will have restrictions on what you can achieve.

Do all the inner work, hustle, awareness and spiritual hula dance you want – you will only reach so far holistically.
Your blueprint is fairly set.
Fancy words and theory don’t really interest me that much now. I’m highly pragmatic and down to earth these days….mud before clouds.

Seriously, I would have thought you had figured out abundance by now. So, what are eloquent words and concepts worth, if they do not elevate you and your community? It’s just mental masturbation for your mind to keep chasing its tail.
Spirituality is not dead, but for me the next phase will be based on 100% inner impulse and guidance, found in everyday life, nature and meditation.

As for good and bad; No, of course there is no good or bad.
Millions of people are doing wonderful things with contribution to society, while having abundant financial lives and great wealth.

I see no friction in that, money is natural. It’s what you do with the energy of money that gives it an identity.
"Do not confuse motion and progress. A rocking horse keeps moving but does not make any progress."

##hope this answered your question