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Monday, December 7, 2015

Pure love is to be found within. Love seems to be a notion so little understand yet everybody seeks and nobody is willing to be ruled by...

Everyone talks of perfect love.  
Seriously does it need to be perfect?  
When intentions are good and felt with love it is RIGHT!

Love is not perfect and good thing it isn't, but two people can be perfect for each other because they accept and embrace each other’s imperfections. That is the truest love, loving 100% of a person no matter of religion or race or personal beliefs. 
Imperfectly perfect love.

The best opportunity for perfect love is mother to child, for me that is. Perfect love is the unconditional love.

When I remember to say my silent mantra which is kind of a feeling combined with a few essential concepts I can have perfect love whenever and wherever I am. The concepts I contemplate are in no particular order and with no particular need to remember it all

 'I feel limitless, unconditional love. I am a conduit for limitless, unconditional love. Limitless unconditional love flows naturally through me and out of me'

Tolerance and acceptance of people’s differences certainly brings us closer to achieving it. Sometimes I think it's a lack of feeling connected can get warped into a search for perfect love - which doesn't really exist because people aren't perfect.  

Love is everywhere you don't need a "MESSIAH" to find love my friends. But everyone has the right to believe what they want and if you need an image to turn to for guidance then again your choice.
Religion as a whole is outdated. 
We no longer needed to be told to love each other; we've learnt to do that by ourselves. I think that is how to do the change bit, and how you learn to love. 
Albeit imperfectly.

Looking for and basing love on conditions … is conditional-love. 

Conditions are changeable and no lasting happiness will be found even if you enact the very change you wanted; you will soon want something different and the conditions for your love will change. Not to worry change in inevitable. 
The love we are looking for comes only from within and is unchangeable and not based on conditions. Do not be distracted from your love by outside conditions. Or go ahead and do so, but knowing you are doing so helps. 
It is all good.

Love is real should you choose to accept it without expectations but that can prove to be easier said than done!

Open your heart to love and you will see it’s real but imperfect but that life. Life would be totally a drag if everything was so simple, wouldn't it! 

love light and peace