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Saturday, November 28, 2015

There is more to serious life than drugs...

Asking questions and seeking answers is what Further Education is all about whether it's an Academic Education or educating oneself in Life in general.
Only too often you realize that some people only ask questions looking to be told what to believe, what to think and how to live.
They are absolving themselves of the responsibility of being Independent Thinkers.
It's so easy to get someone else to do your thinking for you and if at the end of the day it all goes wrong it was their fault, not yours.
You can very easily be selective about what you accept to make your own mind up.
Real learning is NOT passive acceptance.
That is how you learn at school.
It is called Spoon Feeding.
Anyone who's had the opportunity to attend higher education knows that you have to be selective as to what you accept and you are always in a position to offer your personal interpretation and you NEVER wait for information to come to you.

You go seeking knowledge with an inquisitive critical mind.

love light and peace