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Monday, November 9, 2015

Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude...

Excellence is not for the masses. Most people do not have the drive to constantly endeavour to improve themselves; 
they are completely satisfied being average, 
going to work, 
coming home, 
watching television, and 
going to bed, only to get up and go through the same routine day after day until they can retire and do little to nothing with the rest of their lives.

To have a full life and living we know that every day is another chance to be a better being than we was the day before. 
Every day brings the opportunity to gain more knowledge, to increase wisdom, to perfect his skills in his chosen profession, and to once again live life to the fullest.
Pursuing excellence is an attitude that you consciously cultivate. It is not a natural state of being, but a lifestyle that you have to deliberately develop until it becomes your second nature.

This is the attitude I strive to have in life.


love light and peace