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Friday, November 27, 2015

I am...

I think therefore I am. But to think that is what I am, with all the misunderstandings, with all the bias I still have, with all the lack of knowledge. 
I am far from what I really am.
We all have some kind of misunderstood, things we thought we know in the past. And as our mind gather more information, we see what we understood or know was a misunderstood. 
Those misunderstood back then at its present moment how strongly we thought we understand it, as same as what we think we understand now. 
Thus how could we think what we understand now is really is. What we understand now is only the best we know how. We could not have find out it is a misunderstood thing without new information, those information are from what we learn. 
Without learning how could we able to get new information about what we think we understand. If you are strongly belief in what you understand is the true than anything else come along even if it is the true, you would pass it by as false information. 
Most of us have experience that with other, and you kept thinking to yourself what a stubborn person, or lack of knowledge person. 
Well by strongly belief what you are know is the fact, the true. Then you are just like the person that you thought stubborn or lack of knowledge.

Understanding this, I cannot claim “I know myself", but to claim I know very little of myself, and consider what I know maybe a misunderstanding because of lack of knowledge. 
What I know about myself would be very little, almost next to nothing. 
One thing for sure is that I still don't know myself, no matter how old I get, because there are always thing I need to learn.
With this understanding would help me keep looking and try to understand myself better.

The lighted up person is not our energy or spirit or soul. 
But it is ourselves with full of wisdom.

love light and peace