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Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Universe is very capable of looking after itself and being responsible for its own actions. The Universe does not need a Daddy. It's a Big Boy with its own Morality called the Fundamental Laws of Nature.

I woke up this morning thinking about my dad and then the thinking drift into our universe....

The Universe is a very good boy and NEVER breaks the Law.
After the entire guy is 13.7 Billion years old with a lot of experience.

The thing I think about the Universe and "time" is that it will go on and on and on, no matter what happens to each and every one of us here on Earth. 
What we “think" matters not.
If all of a sudden time came to a standstill freezing the Universe and everything in it, we would abruptly stop thinking. 
Thinking is of the human brain and subject to time.
Am I positive that hasn't happened already? 
Hmm well looks like it sometimes, without time there are no music at all just random vibrations not making any sense.

Life and the Universe is not an opinion. It is a well established Fact. Please analyse things with facts. If you can't, let those who can eventually get there and tell the rest of us. 
Guessing and assuming based on guesses and Assumptions that are thousands of years old is silly.

Actually, the only thing science has given us about the end is yet another theory, "The Big Rip", and it's not widely accepted. 
The Big Rip is a Hypothesis. There is no evidence for it and no proof. It is just an idea. We don't know. Simple. 
If we don't know we should strive to find out and not guess and imagine that our guesses are correct.
As if the GRAND Universe is a kid.

Humans come and go.
The Universe just carries on.
Don't you get it??

love light and peace