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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Make the world within beautiful and peaceful and the world without will express and manifest that reality.

If there is a person in your life that keeps acting out in the same ways over and over again, it is your decision how you will choose to interact with.

You do not need to judge in how they are acting. You simply decide how you will be. 

If a person is acting in such a way that is repeatedly offensive to you why allow the action of another to affect our well being. 
It is their act, not ours. 
Love that person for who they are, and do not judge for what they do. 

So be honest in your own actions, and know that it is simply you getting clear with what you choose to have in your life.

We are good at living our life from the perceptions of what another may have said to us, but it does not hold true within our hearts. 
It is time to drop the ideas we have been carrying of what another may have said about us allowing Love to guide us in our way.

The road may appear that we are all alone on our journey, but you can rest assure we are never alone in our path.

The Presence of Life is always with us.

I sit here with so many thoughts floating through my mind. I am not paying too much attention to the thoughts because I know what they are capable of. 

So, I just let them go where they please without any conflict. 

As I sit here I know I am resting with the Grace of God feeling the blessings of Life with my every breath. I love these moments as I experience the endless demonstrations of God’s Love for me. 

Within my Sacred Heart my love grows and expands as I continuously surrender my will to God’s. 

I give my loving thanks for all I am and have shared in God’s Love just for me.