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Monday, February 11, 2013

More than a person...but a force of nature!

What does it take to conquer oneself?
To not give in to base urges or even instincts?
To not allow oneself to be influenced by the actions or words of others?
To not give in to fear or anger or jealousy?

These are all part of conquering oneself.

But another aspect is to not give into your own limitations. 

To continue forward past pain most cannot comprehend.
To take control of ones life, direction and purpose.
To strive to be more than what you've been taught to be or expect.
To conquer yourself you must conquer all that makes you a limited being.
To free yourself, your thoughts, your mind and your spirit.
To expect and demand more from yourself than you do of others.
To fail and try again until you succeed.
To face yourself as you are and work to be more than you can be.

Conquering yourself does not mean surrendering yourself. 

It means to defeat all which is negative about yourself and extol that which makes you unique and in so becoming what you never thought you could be.

More than a person...but a force of nature!