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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Never compromise your integrity!!! NEVER!!!!!

My code of honour has tenets that I am not willing to part with or break, that a set of standards which I live by. 
My code of honour is an absolute in my life. 

Adapting to the circumstances doesn’t mean that I situational ethics. It doesn’t mean that I picks and chooses when to live by and when not to. , there is a time to take action and there is a time to wait. 

There is a time to speak up and a time to stay silent. 

We must be wise enough to adapt not live by absolutes such as never allowing someone to shove us without severe consequences. 

Certain situations may call to swallow our pride and walk away from an insult, instead of responding to it in a more direct manner, in order to accomplish our objective. 

Know our objective in each situation and adapt ourselves as needed to accomplish our objective without compromising our honour or code of ethics. 

Adapting yourself to the circumstances doesn't mean lowering yourself to the circumstance.


The wise man adapts himself to the circumstances - Confucius