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Friday, March 1, 2013

Life does happen, cards are dealt, but this is a reminder to me that our reaction does shape the outcome.

We often imagine callings or sacred purpose as some kind of great creation, but why must it be so grandiose?

Many of us are here with a very subtle and quietly held purpose, perhaps simply to become a better listener, or to learn how to be heart fully present. 
How beautiful is that. 

What a great step forward in this distracted world. 

Perception...many callings in a lifetime challenges elevating the value of one over the other. 

Whether or not a 'calling' is deemed grandiose is subjective. 

I believe grandiose may be simplistic and/or extraordinary. 

Yes, let's do more of just being. 

Everyone's purpose is just as important as anyone else here. It’s probably steams from the whole competition thing you later posted. 

It is very disturbing to me man's need to compete in such ways and it is usually from the lack of looking into one's self to ease the burden of their past. Instead they look outward to "get one up" on their fellow man to feel good about themselves. 

Instead of finding it from within. 

Kindness is moving through the world with a soft gaze, grateful heart and a non-attachment to paying taxes. 

The deep centre also appreciates contrast and paradox.