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Friday, March 15, 2013

Thoughts just are! Neither good nor bad...simply there and accepted as part of this "now" if they are present.

Your life situation doesn't need to be perfect. 

You don't need to be blissed-out all of the time. 
You don't always need to be certain, or right. 
You don't need to be at peace all the time, or joyful all the time. 

You don't need to be anything, in fact - since you are everything, and there is room for everything, here in the vast and unchanging ocean of Being that you are, an ocean that is radically open to all of those waves of experience as they arise and dissolve. 

You are the backdrop of stillness in an ever-changing gossamer world, where nothing remains fixed and where all edges and boundaries are subject to decay and dissolution and mystery. 

You are what remains when all is gone, even the idea "all is gone" and "I am what remains". 

What holds all of it, allows all of it? 
What cannot be doubted, even when there is doubt? 
What is reading these words right now? 
What is trying to understand them? 

This is not the perfection of the mind, not "the perfect life" or 
"the perfect body" or 
"the perfect experience" or 
even "the perfect moment", 
but the perfection that is the absolute embrace of all of this, exactly as it is - the embrace you already are.

People often talk about living in the moment, but it is my experience that we do not live in the moment if we are not living in truth. TRUTH IS THE GATEWAY TO THE MOMENT. 
It doesn’t matter how much we achieve, or how many things we master, if it is not our true-path. 
The moment we lie, we leave the moment. 
The work we do to separate false-path from true-path is not just spiritually beneficial, it is our best and only hope.

The truth is how I roll. When it's not "good enough" I haven't accepted something. Awareness of the Truth is first, and then acceptance is the key to freedom!