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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Me, I and Mine....

When you are in your body and present in this moment, you are able to pick up information that you cannot perceive from your mind.

You become aware of energies that give you direct knowing about others and situations, so If a "toothache" requires Dental work, and then I presume a "truthache", requires mental work!

I thank my body for being my authenticity-mometer, my temple of truth.

How beautifully you carried my sacred purpose until I was ready for the hand-off.

You reminded me with truth-chills whenever I walked in the right direction.

You tripped me up with truth-aches whenever I dared to walk in someone else’s shoes.

What is so remarkable is that you never failed to communicate with me when I was lost.

I may not have been ready to listen, but you never abandoned your faith in my possibilities.

I now know that my true-path is encoded in the bones of my being.

Not a temple that I visit, but one that I am.