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Sunday, March 10, 2013

"If you think there is good in everybody then you obviously haven't met everybody..."

People are always a little disconcerted when you don't recognize them, they are so important to themselves; it is a shock to discover of what small importance they are to others.

Another gem of wise wisdom from the master of analysis of the human condition....ME *__^

In the first place it's not true that people improve as you know them better: they don't.

That's why one should only have acquaintances and never make friends. Once you have a few good friends, keep them, that is all you need really....the rest is acquaintance.

An acquaintance shows you only the best of them, they’re considerate and polite, and they conceal their defects behind a mask of social convention.
But we grow so intimate with them that they throws the mask aside, get to know them so well that we doesn't trouble any longer to pretend.

Then you'll discover a being of such meanness, of such trivial nature, of such weakness, of such corruption, that you'd be aghast if you didn't realize that that was their nature and it was just as stupid to condemn them as to condemn the wolf because the ravens or the cobra because they strikes.

But such is the nature of all human beings. There is no scale for measuring trivial nature.

So how can one condemn another as being trivial when one's self is on some level, weak corrupt and trivial?

Why the arrogance?

I see just one part of the solution - which is pointing out that all humans are flawed.

They fail to answer the true question:
What is the purpose of a Friend?

Having acquaintances only will mean to wear the mask and to be quite shallow in exchange of emotions.

It will not spare from the "truth" about the nature of people around you, but will take off the possibility to be yourself as well with all what makes us human being.

I am a real old cynic sometimes though I must confess to being a besotted admirer.

Some people really do improve on acquaintance & amp; reveal hither to hidden qualities.

Not everyone can charm you delude at a first meeting.