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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The art form of the Soulshaping journey is knowing when to assert, and when to surrender. 

There are times when utilizing our will is perfect in order to excavate our path from the deep within, but there are also times when glimpses of path float to the surface only when we are in a receptive state. 

Some shaping happens through our own efforts, some happens when we lay back and let the universe do the shaping for us. 

It’s like we figure we are the only ones advocating for ourselves on this inner journey, but we aren't. 

We aren't as alone as we think. 

While we are on the look-in, God is busily on the look-out for what will serve us. 

And then, when the moment is right, when we are truly ready to embrace our path, we walk right into the Godself on the bridge across forever, puzzled that we ever imagined ourselves separate.

 And the beauty is that even the application of will itself is a grace—it's Him/She operating all along.