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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Detachment is a tool not a life...

Detachment is a mechanism, a place to see our experience from afar, but then we got to come back down into our being and live it fully. Warts, Ego and all.

My friend Gina say the opposite -
"detachment is the sign of a life well lived in all its true authenticity.

It is not denial- it’s through fully feeling, experiencing and living all of life's feelings and emotions-
that takes you into a detached and free state of being, because you are detaching from the story, narrative and judgements of the mind aka ego.

It takes less than 5 minutes for fear, anger, and doubt to pass through and leave the body.

It’s the attachment of feeling and emotion to the mind's noise - that gets us in the loops and the murky maze of the past & future and sends us down the rabbit hole towards hell.

To detach is to be fully present and fully alive and living from the source of our true identity- divinity.

Nah, to me it’s not a mechanism - it is the freedom bridge- which enables us to walk through experience and cross over into true freedom."

Me -
I think detachment is another word for understanding boundaries.

As we interact with the world and what it brings to our own personal journey, we have to flow and allow detachment and connection to dance according to what is needed at the time.

Neither is negative or to be avoided. Both are necessary, in my view.

Detachment is a tool for survival, but not for living, or even better, healing.

And Adida thinks -
"Every human characteristic is a tool.

Either you use it to serve your direction or goals or let it get in my own way, the flip side of persistence is stubbornness, which is really the same quality applied differently."

I agree with some of this conversation.

Detachment can also create the most profound compassion, empathy, self-love, peace and mental clarity you have ever known.

I can let go of a person's actions/behaviour and see that underneath it all they have fears, doubts, insecurities, needs, a past, hope and confusion ...

I can see the universality between us all, even the rapists, abusers and murderers.

I can let go of the parts that would eat at me and still see the comedy and humanity in absolutely everything.