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Thursday, March 28, 2013

I love you with my eyes wide open.
I love you with my heart wide open.
Be you,
Be kind
Be grateful
When I can't hear what my mind wants to say, I listen to my heart.
Breathe, surround yourself with the white light of love and divine protection, and ground yourself. Breathe, hold it and release.
It matters not what beliefs you have. It matters not if my beliefs are not yours. What matters more is if you can still accept me for mine. Just because it is not your Truth, Does not mean it isn't True.
I pray for your world to be peaceful, for you to have shelter and a nice comfy bed to sleep in and also for you to have your loved ones near to you. Good night and get lots of good sleep.
Dream well.
I have a strong desire to visit the ocean tomorrow.