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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Reflections from Space

Calming light fills a cool clear night
The reflection off a full May moon.
My spirit takes flight at this inspiring sight
A new rhyme rising soon.

Do you stop time and turn off your mind
To enter the sacred place?
By living in the now, you can see how
There’s no time, but there is a space.

You will find that space, where thoughts don’t race
When you die before you die.
Should you go on a quest to solve this test?
Do you feel a need to try?

Then come with me and you may see,
That all we have is now.
You can follow this path and do the math
No one can show you how.

You may learn some things, as the bell rings
There you shall find a truth.
We are all the same, no need to claim
That you are a special youth.

I may point a way, but then must say
The rest is up to you.
Love now without fear, then it will become clear
This is all there is to do.