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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Befriending confusion seems different than "holding on".

When we befriend uncomfortable emotions in a spirit of curiosity and stop shaming ourselves for them for being human, the sting of:-
'Why am I so confused & what is wrong with me?' melts away more organically.

There is much to learn in that curious place. We can strive to be clearer and brighter, and that is a good focal point, but a strong conduit can hold the charge of all the emotions walk on the bridge and not drown in them.
We might take some deep dives, but not drown.

If we don't befriend our confusion, we remain trapped between worlds on the one hand, old ways of being ready to die; on the other, new ways of being eager to be born.

By holding all the possibilities at once, clarity as to path is slowly revealed.
The bridge is confusion.

We must learn how to cross it on the way home.

Don't hold on, if you do you will never go home. 
Pick a tangible action plan.

Clarity being slowly revealed is a misnomer that can result in supporting the ego and staying in the between worlds.

Rather we need people to decide to harbour a specific spirit in their vessel. And tune them to bring in more of the light. More of the vibes that transmit truth.

Make yourself a conduit of the vibes you want in the world. 
Concentrate and use your will power.

Bobbling back and forth takes you out of the game and makes another ineffective minion.

Life is short, make it count.

Choose that your willpower is effective in making your vessel do the work that needs to be done.
Perhaps the hardest thing about the path is that it’s entirely up to us how far we go, how deep we go, how authentic we become.

No one else can do it for us it’s all ours, it’s the art of self-creation, it’s adult responsibility. It’s such a private decision we come back to time and again.

Am I willing to do the work to find and to live my path?
Do I have the faith, courage and persistence I need to keep getting back up off the ground when things go awry?
How badly do I want an authentic life?
What price am I willing to pay to create one?

The cool thing about this life, for those of us who are able to stick around, is that we get so many opportunities to come back into reality, even if we had to numb ourselves to stay alive, even if we disconnected for a very long time.

I love how God set it up so that the path rises up to meet us time and again, inviting us to set our feet back on our own unique true-path yet another time..